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Go through this handy and free tool to calculate the power with respect to time, displacement, and force. You should provide the values of force(f), displacement(d), and time(t) in the given fields and then click the calculate button to get the answer effortlessly in no time.


What is Power with Displacement?

In physics, power with displacement states that the amount of work you need to do with respect to force causing displacement of the object in a specific time. Power is denoted by the symbol 'p'. The unit of power is 'Watt'. We will see the formula below,

The Formula of Power With Displacement

If you need to find power :

P = F*D/T

If you need to find force :

F = P*T/D

If you need to find displacement :

D = P*T/F

If you need to find Time :

T = F*D/P


P is power.

F is force.

D is Displacement.

T is time.

Steps to Find Power With Displacement

Follow all the guidelines which are shown below that calculate the power which work is done.

  • First, you need to write down all the data in the given problem.
  • Next, you need to apply the formula of force, (or) displacement, (or) time, (or) power.
  • Apply the formula and substitute the values.
  • Then, you will get the answer.

How to Calculate the Power with Displacement?


Question: Find the power of the given force = 6 N, displacement =10m, time = 23s.


Given that

Force (F) = 6 N.

Displacement (d) = 10m.

Time (t) = 23s


Now you have to find power, so use the formula of Power.

P = F*D/T

= 6 *10 / 23 = 60/23 = 2.6 W

Therefore, power is 2.6 W.

You need to follow the same process for every problem. If you want to find a force, displacement and time also apply the above formula which is needed and, get the answer.

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FAQs on Power with Displacement Calculator

1. What is Power with Displacement?

The rate of change of work that has to do with force using displacement is called power.

2. How do you find power?

For finding the power, we use the formula, P = F * D /T.

3. What is the units of Power?

In physics, a unit of power is Watt(w).