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A potential energy calculator enables the user to calculate the potential or the stored energy of an object placed at a certain height. The scientific name is denoted as gravitational potential energy as it calculates the energy which is stored by an object due to its height. But generally, we refer to this as potential energy instead of gravitational potential energy just to make it seem less complicated for beginners.

Spring force constant (k):
Spring stretch length (Δx)
Spring potential energy (U)

What is Potential Energy?

The energy that an object possesses with respect to its relative position to the other objects in terms of position, electric charge, or stress is defined as potential energy.

Potential Energy Formula

Let's have a look at the basics of the potential energy calculator. To help our readers with this, we would want you to frame an image of a car located at a height in your mind. The gravitational potential energy of this car on this elevated frame depends purely on two factors - the mass the car possess and the height to which it's raised. This relationship between the potential energy and the mass and relative height of an object with respect to other objects is described by the following equation

Potential Energy = m*g*h

  • m- mass
  • h - height
  • g - the gravitational field strength (9.8 m/s/s on Earth)

The formula is quite simple and easy to learn. An object which is not raised above the ground will have a height of net-zero meters and therefore it will have zero potential energy with respect to the ground. As potential energy is directly dependent on the height and mass of the object, hence doubling the mass or the height of an object, its potential energy will also be doubled.

How to Calculate Potential Energy?

Go through the simple and easy steps listed below to find the potential energy. They are as follows

  • Firstly, identify the mass, gravitational acceleration, height of the object.
  • Substitute the inputs in the formula of potential energy i.e. m*g*h
  • Perform mathematical operations and simplify the process further to determine the potential energy of an object.

How to use the Potential Energy Calculator?

The procedure to use the potential energy calculator is simple and is as follow

  • tep 1: Enter the mass, acceleration due to gravity, and height in the boxes shown in the calculator as the input.
  • Step 2: Now click the button “Calculate Potential Energy” button displayed at the bottom of the calculator to get the result.
  • Step 3:Eventually, the potential energy of the body will be displayed in the output field in joules.

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FAQs on Potential Energy Calculator

1. What is the potential energy formula?

Potential Energy Formula is given by m*g*h, Where ‘m’ is the mass of an object, ‘g’ is the acceleration due to gravity and ‘h’ is the relative height of the object with respect to another object.

2. What is the difference between potential and gravitational potential energy?

Both are the same, gravitational potential energy is generally the correct term for usage in scientific studies.

3. What is the key unit of potential energy?

Key Unit of Potential Energy is Joules.