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A free online Impulse Calculator determines the change in momentum of the object. All you need to perform is enter the input in the calculator fields and click on the calculate button to display the impulse output in a matter of seconds.

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What is Meant by Impulse?

In Physics, the impulse is outlined because of the amendment within the momentum of the associated object. In other words, if a huge quantity of force is applied to an associated object during a short amount of time, then it is termed the impulse force or associate impulse.

The impulse formula is given as follows

Impulse = Mass × Change in Velocity = m.Δv

The otherwise to outline the impulse is given by

Impulse = Force × Time

The unit of impulse is Newton-second.

Formula for Impulse


Impulse could be a life of what proportion the momentum changes as a result of the force working on it for an amount of your time, an alternate formula for impulse seems like this:


This formula relates impulse to the amendment within the momentum of the thing.

Impulse has 2 totally different units, either kg times meters per second (kg m/s) or

Newton times seconds (Ns).

Dimensional Formula of Impulse

We all know that the impulse Physics equation is given by:

J = F.Δt


  • F is measured in Newton and its dimensional formula is [M1L1T-1].
  • Δt is measured in seconds and its dimensional formula is [M0L0T1].

Now, golf shot the worth of equivalent weight (2) and (3) in equivalent weight (1), we tend to get the dimensional formula of impulse as M1L1T-2] * [M0L0T1]

On finding the on top of the equation, we tend to get the subsequent dimensional formula [M1L1T-1] is the needed dimension of the impulse formula.

How Impulse Momentum Interrelated?

Momentum could be a vector that is adequate for the merchandise of mass and rate (which is additionally a vector).

The formula for momentum is as follows:

P= mv

During this formula, Momentum (p) equals Mass (m) times rate (v).

Once a force acts on a related object for a brief quantity of your time, the impulse is that the life of what proportion of the force changes the momentum of the related object.

Why is impulse important?

The impulse skilled by the thing equals the change in momentum of the object.

Attributable to the impulse-momentum theorem, we will build an immediate affiliation between however a force acts on an associated object over time and therefore the motion of the thing. One of the reasons why impulse is vital and helpful is that within the world, forces are typically not constant.

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Solved Examples of Impulse & Momentum

There are totally different strategies for finding impulse, here we will see 2 sorts.

Example 1:

We'll explore the impulse for an object that collides with a wall and stops when the collision occurs. If the five-kilogram object travels at a rate of 20 m/s before it hits the wall, then the impulse may be calculated.


Δ p = p f - p i

Δ p = m v f - m v i

Δ p = (5 kilogram)(0 m/s) - (5 kg)(20 m/s) = -100 kg m/s.

Example 2:

What's the impulse caused by a mean force of thirty Newtons if it acts on a ball for three seconds?

The impulse here may be calculated as:

Impulse = Force x Time

= (30 N) (3 s)

= 90 Ns.

Real-Time Applications of Impulse

  • The automobile constraint system. Airbags area unit in cars to scale back the injury to a driver or traveler throughout a collision.
  • If the impulse is force increased by time, then force is impulse divided by time.
  • The airbag will increase the time needed to prevent the momentum of the traveler or driver. If now is raised, then the force of impact is belittled.
  • If the impact time is brief, then the force of impact will increase and should cause severe injury to the occupants of the automobile.
  • Having soft floors at a gymnasium is another application of the conception of the impulse to scale back the force of impact once somebody lands on the ground, the artifact will increase the contact time between the person and therefore the floor. Thus similar to the airbags, once the contact time will increases, the impact force decreases.

Frequently Asked Questions on Impulse and Momentum Calculator

1. Who discovered impulse in physics?

The discovery of the impulse can be done by the 2 most famous vital physicians - scientists: Emil du Bois-Reymond (1818-1896) and Julius Bernstein (1838-1917)

2. What is the difference between impulse and momentum?

The impulse skilled by an associate object is the force • time. The momentum amendment of the associate object is that the mass • velocity changes. The impulse equals the momentum amendment.

3. What is Impulse in force?

An impulse of force is the product of the resultant force ΣF and therefore the period of this force Δt if the force is constant. An impulse of force is the explanation for changes to motion and so changes to momentum. To vary the momentum of a body we want to vary its rate or its mass.

4. What is the magnitude of the impulse formula?

The impulse skilled by the object equals the amendment in the momentum of the thing. In equation type, F • t = m • Δ v. during a collision objects expertise associate impulse; the impulse causes and is adequate for the amendment in momentum.