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Use this free online tool to calculate the kinetic energy and get answers easily in a fraction of seconds. This kinetic energy calculator uses mass and velocity to find the kinetic energy of an object. All you have to do is enter values for mass and velocity and click the calculate button then you will get an answer easily.


What is Kinetic Energy?

According to Physics, Kinetic Energy is defined as the energy that is possessed due to motion or movement. Kinetic energy depends on mass and velocity. If the object is at a rest position then we apply some force on it, then it starts moving. That movement we call Kinetic Energy. The unit of Kinetic Energy is the joule( J) because energy is a scalar quantity.

Kinetic Energy = 0.5 * mass * square of velocity.

How to Calculate Kinetic Energy?

Here, we will know the step by step process to find Kinetic Energy. They are explained below

  • First, you need to enter two known values into the boxes.
  • Leave that empty box that is unknown and then click “Calculate”.
  • You will be able to see the answer in the output field.
  • In the same way, you can calculate mass and velocity.

Kinetic Energy Formula

Kinetic Energy of the body is one-half of the product of the mass of the body and the square of its speed. We will see the formula in detail.

K.E = 0.5 * m * v2 (or) ½ * m * v2.


K.E is the Kinetic Energy M is the mass of the body V is the velocity

Rearranging the Kinetic Energy Formula we can find the other parameters like mass and velocity as follows

M = 2k / v2

  • If they were given K.E and velocity you need to find Mass with the formula

V = √ 2k/m

  • If they were given K.E and mass of the body you need to find velocity with the formula

Example Problems on Kinetic Energy

Question 1: Calculate the Kinetic Energy of the object that has a mass of 30kg and velocity of 5m/s?


Given Parameters,

m= 30kg, v = 5m/s, K.E =?


K.E = ½ * m * v2

Substitute the values,

K.E = ½ * 30 * 52 = 375 Joules.

Question 2: Calculate the mass of an object having Kinetic Energy is 20J, and the velocity is 3m/s?


Given Parameters,

m= ?, v = 3m/s, K.E =10j


K.E = ½ * m * v2

Rearrange this Formula,

m= 2k/v2

K.E = 2*10/ 32 = 2.2 kg

Question 3: Calculate the velocity of an object having a mass is 3kg and Kinetic Energy is 10 J?


Given Parameters,

m= 3 kg, v = ?, K.E =10 j


K.E = ½ * m * v2

Rearrange this Formula,

v= √2k/m

K.E = = √2*10/3 = √20/3 = 2.58 m/s

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FAQs on Kinetic Energy

1. How to Calculate Kinetic Energy?

Kinetic Energy is calculated by the formula, K.E = ½ * m * v2

2. What to do if I need to calculate kinetic Energy faster?

Use our Kinetic Energy Calculator tool to get fast results by just entering values.

3. What is Kinetic Energy?

Kinetic energy is the energy of motion.

4. What is a good example of Kinetic Energy?

A simple example of Kinetic Energy is everything that moves in your homes like fan circulating air on a warm day and many.