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Specific Gravity Calculator is a free online tool to calculate the density within a few seconds. Simply, you can give inputs in the input field and click on calculate to get the output.

Ex: 23, 456, 2e4 ,1.23,4.5

Material Density

Specific Gravity - Definition

Specific gravity is nothing but relative density which measures the density of the object with respect to pure water density. Here, the reference object used is water which has a density of water is 1000 Kg/m3.

Specific Gravity = density of substance/density of water

How to Calculate Specific Gravity?

We are providing you with a specific procedure to calculate specific gravity using a specific gravity calculator.

  • Enter the values for density of substance and density of water.
  • Then click on calculate.
  • You will get value for specific gravity.

Specific Gravity Formula

SG = ρsubstancewater,


SG is the Specific Gravity

ρsubstance is the density of the object

ρwater is the density of water

Example to Calculate Specific Gravity?

Question : Find the Specific Gravity for 8kg/m3?


Given Parameters,

Density of object = 8kg/m3

We know that, Density of water = 997 kg/m3.


SG = ρsubstancewater = 8/1000 = 0.8

Value of SG = 0.8 kg/m3.

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FAQs on Specific Gravity

1. How to calculate Specific gravity from density?

Calculate Specific gravity by dividing the density of a substance by the density of water.

2. What is the density of water?

The density of water is 1000 kilograms per cubic meter.

3. What is the use of Specific gravity?

Specific gravity will allow specific determination of fluid characteristics compared to standard, usually water at a specified temperature.