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To receive the result in a short period, utilise the convenient and user-friendly Torque Calculator tool. Simply enter force and distance in the appropriate input fields and press the calculate button to obtain an accurate result in a short period.

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What is Torque?

In physics, torque is defined as the twisting force that causes an object to rotate. The point at which the object rotates is called the axis of rotation. The Newton metre is the SI unit for torque. The axis of rotation should usually be the fixed point or the centre of mass.

Torque Formula

Torque is comparable to work in that it is defined as the force applied over a specific distance. The following is the formula for determining torque

Torque = Force × Distance i.e. T = r F sin θ

  • Where, T = Torque
  • r = Radius
  • F = Force
  • θ = The angle formed by the force and the lever arm.

How to find Torque?

Torque refers to a twisting force that causes an object to rotate. People can quickly obtain the torque value of challenging problems by following the basic techniques outlined below. Check them out and follow the steps to acquire the correct answer.

  • Take the figures for force and distance or length from the question.
  • In physics, torque is the multiplication of force and distance.
  • To determine the solution, multiply the force and distance numbers.

How to Use the Torque Calculator?

The following is the procedure how to use the torque calculator

  • Input the unknown's force, distance, and x in the appropriate input fields.
  • To calculate the torque, click the Calculate the unknown option.
  • Finally, in the output field, the object's torque will be displayed.

For more concepts check out to get quick answers by using this free tool.

Torque Applications

The following are some examples of torque's applications

  • On a mast, a flag is flying
  • Gyroscopes
  • Seesaws and Wrenches
  • Torque is created when a pendulum or a parachute swings

Examples on finding Torque

Example 1: A kitchen door width is 30 centimetres. If a force of 3.5 N is applied to its edge, it will be released (away from the hinges). Calculate the torque that causes the door to open?


Given: Force applied F = 3.5 N

Length of lever arm = d = 30 cm

Torque = force x distance

= 3.5 x 30

= 105 Ncm

Torque = 105 Ncm

Example 2: The office door is 60 cm wide. If the door handle is placed 30 cm from the edge and a force of 6 N is applied to it. Determine the torque?


Given: The door's doorknob is 30 centimetres away. As a result, the action line is 30/2 = 15 cm long.

Measurement of the lever arm = d = 60 – 15 = 45 cm = 0.45 m

Force exerted = 6N

Torque = F × d = 6 × 0.45

Torque = 2.7 Nm

FAQs on Torque Calculator

1. What is the formula for calculating tension and torque?

The Torque/Tension Equation is a formula for calculating the torque/tension relationship in a system. T = (K D P)/12 can be used to calculate the torque required to accomplish a specific tension or clamp load.

2. How much torque is 1 Nm?

A torque of one newton-metre is the torque produced by a force of one newton applied perpendicularly to the end of a one-metre long moment arm.

3. Is there a difference between torque and tension?

Tension is the stretch or elongation of a bolt that creates the clamping force of a joint, whereas torque is the twisting force necessary to spin a nut up along a bolt's threads.

4. Are N and Nm the same?

Newtons are linear force units. Torque, often known as rotary force, is measured in Newton-meters. More information can be found in reference sources. Torque is measured in N-m, which is equivalent to lbs-ft.

5. How can you figure out how much torque is on a shaft?

Use this equation to calculate torque (in ft-lb) for motors: T = (HP X 5252)/rpm