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Use this Gravity Calculator to find gravitational force without any stress. We are giving this online tool for free, by utilizing this tool you can save your time and effort. All you have to do is enter the values in the boxes and just click on calculate, you will get the answer in a fraction of seconds. Utilize our tool to get perfect answers.

Ex: 23, 456, 2e4 , 2e-11, 1.23, 3.076e-11

Mass 1 (M)
Mass 2 (m)
Distance (R)

What is Gravity?

Gravity is a force of attraction that tries to pull objects towards the earth’s surface. Any object which has mass should have a gravitational pull. The mass of the object should be higher, then only it has a greater gravitational pull.

Gravitational Force(F) = (Gravitational constant x mass of object 1 x mass of Object 2) / square of distance between the objects.

How to Calculate Gravitational Force?

Here, we are providing you with all steps to calculate Gravity. Follow every instruction carefully to get the perfect answer in a few seconds. Just see the steps below.

  • Just enter the mass of two objects m1 and m2 and find the distance between them.
  • Then take the unKnown value as x.
  • Now calculate the unknown value to get the result.
  • Finally, you will get the gravity of objects.

Gravity Calculator Formula

Gravitational Force (F) = Gm1m2/r2,


G is the universal gravitational constant = 6.674 * 10-11 N-m2 / Kg2

m1 is the mass of object1

M2 is the mass of object 2

R is the distance between the objects.

Gravity Calculator with Examples

Question : Find the gravitational force between two objects of masses 6 and 5kg which are separated by a distance of 2m?


Given Parameters,

Mass of object 1(m1) = 6

Mass of object 2 (m2) = 5

Distance between the objects ( r ) = 2m

we know that,

Universal Gravitational constant (G) = 6.674 * 10-11 N-m2 / Kg2


Gravitational Force (F) = Gm1*m2 / r2

F = (6.674 * 10-11 N-m2 / Kg2 *6*5) / 22 = 5.00445e - 10 is our online tool, by using this you can calculate every physics formula.It is absolutely free.

FAQs on Gravity Calculator

1. What exactly does gravity mean?

Gravity is also called gravitational force, the Universal force of attraction acting between objects.

2. How is gravity Calculated?

Gravitational for calculated by F= Gm1m2 /r2

3. What is a Gravity Calculator?

Gravity Calculator is an online tool that displays the gravitational force between two objects towards the earth.