Heat Calculator

The Heat Calculator is a free online tool that calculates the heat energy based on the entered values. This tool speeds up the calculation by displaying the thermal energy in a matter of seconds.

Heat Calculator: The heat capacity of a heated or cooled sample can be determined using this heat calculator. The amount of thermal energy required to raise the temperature of a 1 kg sample by 1 K is known as specific heat. Continue reading to find out how to correctly apply the heat capacity formula to get a valid result.

What is Heat and its Formula?

The amount of heat per unit mass required to raise the temperature by one degree Celsius is known as heat. The heat of various substances differs from one another and is determined by their ability to absorb heat.

The Heat Capacity Formula can be found here: c = Q/(mΔT)

  • The amount of heat given in Joules is denoted by Q.
  • m be the sample mass
  • ΔT is the difference between the initial and final temperatures.
  • Heat units are J/(kgK) or J/kg C.

What is the Heat Calculator and How Do I Use It?

To compute the Heat, use the simple steps outlined below. The list is as follows:

  • Step 1: Fill in the input fields with the inputs for the unknown value.
  • Step 2: To receive the result, click the calculate button.
  • Step 3: Finally, In the output field, the heat energy for the supplied inputs will be presented.

Heat Calculation Examples

Question 1: If the mass of the substance is 5kg with 8J of energy, calculate the heat whose temperature change at 5K.


Consider the problem, we have

Q is the energy, Q = 8 joules

m is the mass of the substance, m = 5 kg

ΔT is change of temperature, ΔT = 5 K

We know the formula to calculate Heat or heat capacity c=Q/(mΔT).

Substituting the inputs, we get the following equation for heat capacity

c = 8/(5*5)

c = 0.32 J/kg.K

As a result,The heat capacity c = 0.32 J/kg.K

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FAQs on Heat Calculator

1. How can you figure out your heat capacity?

The amount of thermal energy required to raise the temperature of a 1kg sample by 1K is known as Heat.

  • Determine the initial and final temperatures, as well as the mass and energy given.
  • To calculate the temperature change (T), subtract the final and initial temperatures.
  • Multiply the temperature difference by the mass of the sample.
  • Distribute the heat/energy with the product.
  • C = Q / (ΔT ⨉ m) is the formula.

2. How to estimte the Heat?

The difference between the initial and final temperatures can be used to compute Heat by dividing the amount of provided heat by the mass of the sample.

3. What is the formula for calculating Heat?

The formula for calculating Heat is c=Q/(mΔT).

4. What Does Heat Energy Mean?

The spontaneous transfer of energy from one item to another is referred to as heat. It's the transfer of energy between two objects. When there is a temperature difference between the items, heat is produced. All stuff, we know, contains heat energy. It is the movement of microscopic particles known as atoms or ions within objects. Our solar system is an excellent example of heat energy.