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The Mass to Energy Calculator Online tool converts mass into energy acting on a body in a very short amount of time. Simply enter the object's mass and speed in the corresponding fields of the calculator and hit the compute button. Then you'll know what to do.


What is Mass-Energy Equivalence?

This equivalence of mass and energy is a result of Einstein's special relativity theory, which states that mass may be changed into energy and vice versa. Mass and energy are interchangeable according to this equivalency. So, if you have mass, it means you have a lot of energy stored within you. How much power do you have? This is depicted below in Albert Einstein's famous relation.

E = mc^2

  • where E = equivalence energy (in Joules)
  • m = mass (in kilogrammes)
  • c = speed of light in a vacuum, which is approximately 3 X 10^8 m/s.

How to Convert Mass to Energy?

Follow the steps below to convert mass into energy. You will be able to come to a quick solution by adopting the following steps.

  • Consider an object's mass and speed.
  • Multiple the two variables together.
  • The energy equivalence functioning on that particular object is the outcome of a multiplication operation.

How to Use the Mass to Energy Calculator?

The following is the procedure how to utilize the mass to energy calculator

  • In the appropriate input fields, enter the mass, the speed of light in a vacuum, and x for the unknown.
  • To acquire the result, click the "Calculate the Unknown" button.
  • Finally, the output field will show the value of x.

Examples on Mass to Energy Conversion

Question 1: Calculate the Einstein Mass energy for the given details Mass (m) = 37 kg, Speed of Light in a Vacuum (c) = 6 m/s?


Given: m= 37 kg, c= 6 m/s

E = mc^2

E= 37 X (6.2)^2 = 1332J

Question 2: Calculate the Mass Energy of the object 25 kg and speed 4 m/s?


Given: m= 25 kg, c= 4 m/s

E = mc^2

E= 25 X (4)^2 = 400J

For more concepts check out to get quick answers by using this free tool.

FAQs on Mass to Energy Calculator

1. What is the best way to convert mass into energy?

Nuclear fission, nuclear fusion, and matter-antimatter annihilation are all methods for converting mass to pure energy. Nothing but pure energy may be used to make particles (and antiparticles).

2. What is the mass-energy calculation formula?

The E = mc^2 equation expresses the relationship between energy and mass, implying that any mass corresponds to an equal amount of energy. In mathematical terms, this equation represents Einstein's special theory of relativity. E or m can be solved using the E = mc^2 calculator.

3. Is it true that mass may be converted into energy?

Small amounts of mass are converted into energy when the nuclei of atoms are broken up (fission) or combined (fusion). Even natural radioactive decay transforms a small quantity of mass into enormous amounts of energy.

4. Are mass and energy the same thing?

As a result, energy and matter are the same. Interchangeable in every way. Finally, while special relativity connects energy and mass, general relativity connects mass and space. Energy, matter, space, and time are all facets of the same thing, in a sense.

5. What did Einstein say about energy?

"Everything is energy, and that is all there is to it," Einstein said. You can't help but get the reality you desire if you match the frequency of the reality you want. There is no other option.

6. Does energy have mass?

Energy is devoid of mass. However, mass is a type of energy. A particle's rest mass is one type of energy. A particle's relativistic mass is another type of energy, which represents the kinetic energy of the particle.