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A free online centripetal force calculator is designed to help you to calculate the centripetal force easily in no time. All you have to do is enter the mass(m), velocity(v), radius(r) as inputs in the given fields. And then click on the calculate button and get the answers in less time.

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What do you Mean by Centripetal Force?

Centripetal force is nothing but the force that is needed to an object in a circular motion (or) path. And it is leveled at right angles to an object, along the radius on the way to the center of the circular motion.

Look at this diagram to know clearly about centripetal force.

Formula of Centripetal Force

We will see the centripetal force formula to calculate the centripetal force.

Centripetal force, f = mv2/r


m = mass

v = velocity

r = radius

Some other formulas we have derived from the centripetal force equation is

Radius, r = mv2/f

Velocity, v = √fr / m

Step-by-Step Process to Find Centripetal Force

To find the centripetal force, follow the guidelines carefully step-by-step. So that you can easily do the centripetal force carefully.

  • Make a note of all the values that are given in the problem.
  • And find the centripetal force, radius, and velocity by applying the required formula.
  • Multiply the mass and velocity of an object and divide it by radius.
  • Finally, you will get the desired answer.

How to Calculate Centripetal Force?


Question 1: Calculate the centripetal force of the object, as it is moving in a circle having a radius of 8m, mass is 15kg, and velocity is 22m/s.


Given that, r = 8m, m = 15kg, v = 22m/s.

Place the values in the equation of centripetal force.

As we have the formula, f = mv2/r

f = 15 * 222 / 8

f = 7260 / 8 = 907.5 N

Therefore, the centripetal force of an object is 907.5N

Question 2: Find the radius of the object, as it is moving in a circle having a force of 50N, mass is 20kg, and velocity is 23m/s.


Given that, f = 50N, m = 50kg, v = 23m/s.

Substitute the values in the formula of centripetal force.

As we have the formula, r = mv2/f

r = 50 * 232 / 50

r = 26450 / 50 = 529.

Therefore, the circular radius of an object is 529m. is the best website for all physics calculators and makes your work easy.

FAQs On Centripetal Force Calculator

1. How centripetal force is calculated?

Centripetal force is calculated as mass is multiplied by the velocity and the velocity is squared, then finally, it is divided by the circular radius.

2. What are the steps to calculate radius?

  • Radius will be calculated by writing down the values in the problem.
  • Then, multiply the mass and velocity and square the velocity and it will be divided by force.
  • At last, you will get the answer.

3. What is the formula of velocity?

Formula of velocity is Velocity, v = √fr / m.