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Make use of this average speed calculator tool that computes the average speed. All you need to do this is give the distance and speed as inputs and tap the calculate button and get the answers instantly in no time.

Time Taken

Definition and Formula of Average Speed

In physics, average speed calculator is measured as the ratio of total distance travelled by the object and the time taken by the object. If we have the equal distance and equal interval of time, object is said to have the uniform speed.

Average speed is the scalar quantity. Measurement of average speed is kph, mph, and meter per second. Let us see the formula,

Average speed = Total distance / Total time

v = s/t

Steps to Calculate Average Speed

Let us see a step-by-step process to find the average speed manually.

  • Notedown the values in the given problem.
  • Then, write the average speed formula, i.e. average speed = total distance / total time.
  • Finally, you will get the desired answer.

How to Find Average Speed with Examples?


Question: Bike travels to and from work, covering 6 km each way. It took him 26 minutes on the way to work and 34 minutes on the way back. What is the average speed of the bike?


Given that, distance = 10km, time = 1 hour.

As we know the formula,

Average speed = Total distance / Total speed.

v = 6/1 = 6 kmph.

Therefore, the average speed of a bike is 6kmph.

Take a look at these calculators to calculate easily, that are available on this website and learn about the concept.

FAQs on Average speed Calculator

1. What do you mean by average speed?

Ratio of distance travelled by the total time of an object is called average speed. Units of average speed is kmph.

2. How do you use this average speed calculator?

Make use of this average speed calculator by giving the inputs and by clicking on the calculate button and get the input instantly.

3. How to find average speed Calculator?

Average speed calculator can be calculated by the formula, v = s/t.