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Wing area (S)
weight (W)
Wing loading (W_L)
Wing cube loading (W_CL)

Steps to Calculate Wing Loading

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How to calculate Wing Loading?

Wing loading is defined as the ratio of the weight of an aircraft and the projected area of its wings. The weight here is usually assumed to be the gross weight or maximum take-off weight of the aircraft. The wing loading parameter WL is given by the equation:

WL = W / S

WCL = W / S1.5


  • WL - Thrust to weight ratio;
  • S - Thrust;
  • W - Dry Weight ;
  • WCL - Exhaust velocity;

Wing loading (W_L) = /
Wing loading (W_L) = kg/m²

Wing cube loading (W_CL) = / 1.5
Wing cube loading (W_CL) = kg/m³