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This wavelength calculator will help you figure out what frequency-wavelengths are and how to solve them. This calculator saves time and effort by eliminating the need to scribble down numbers and laboriously solve equations. Simply type the data into the calculator according to the equation.

Wavelength for
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What is Wavelength?

The wavelength is the distance between two consecutive identical points in a waveform, as defined by physics. It can be easily measured between two distinct places in the waveform, such as crests or troughs. The wavelength and frequency are inversely proportional. Frequency is defined as the number of wave cycles per second. The greater the frequency, shorter the wavelength, and vice versa.

Wavelength Formula

The frequency and wave speed can be used to calculate the wavelength. The wavelength formula is calculated as follows:

Wavelength = Velocity / Frequency i.e. 𝛌 = v/f

  • Where, ≡¥¢î = Wavelength
  • v = velocity
  • f = frequency

How to Calculate Wavelength?

The wavelength is calculated using a set of step-by-step processes in addition to the wavelength tool. The variables can be substituted with their respective numerical values using the formula; the method will be explained below along with the formula to help users understand how and why the formula represents the wavelength.

The steps to solve a wavelength-related question can be found in the sections below.

  • First and foremost, identify the wave's frequency and type.
  • Choose the wave's velocities.
  • In the wavelength equation, substitute the above numerical values.
  • Use the mathematical calculation in this equation to find the answer.
  • To find the answer, multiply those three integers together.

How to Use the Wavelength Calculator?

The following is the procedure how to use the wavelength calculator

  • Input the unknown's velocity, frequency, and x in the appropriate input fields.
  • To retrieve the result, click the "Solve" button.
  • Finally, in the output field, the wavelength will be displayed.

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Examples on finding Wavelength

Example 1: Calculate the value of the wavelength if the frequency of radio waves is given as f = 20 MHz?


Given: f = 20 MHz

𝛌 = v/f

The wave's velocity ‘v’ = 299,792,458 m/s

The frequency = 20

𝛌 = 299792458 / 20

𝛌 = 14.98 m

Pressure is 3,433,500 Pa

Example 2: Calculate the frequency of a light ray with a wavelength of 300 nm.


The wavelength of the light ray is given to be 300 nm. In order to compute the frequency of the light ray, we apply the formula given below.

f = c/𝛌

We are all aware that the speed of light is c = 3×10^8.

Put the known values in the equation above, we get that, f = 3×10^8/300 x 10^-9 = = 1 x 10^15Hz

The frequency of the wave is equal to 1×10^15 Hz.

FAQs on Wavelength Calculator

1. How do you determine wavelength?

The following procedure is used to determine wavelength.

  • Determine the wave's frequency. For example, f = 10 MHz.
  • Choose the wave's velocities.
  • Fill in the wavelength equation = v/f with these values.
  • Calculate the outcome.


2. What is the formula for wavelength frequency?

In terms of wavelength and wave speed, the frequency formula is f = v/≡¥¢î, where ‘v’ is the wave speed and is the ‘ ≡¥¢î’ wavelength of the wave.

3. What is wavelength?

The distance between two endpoints is known as the wavelength.

  • The distance between any point on a wave's advance line and the next point of the same phase.
  • A certain route or stream of thought, particularly as it relates to mutual understanding between two people who are on different wavelengths.


4. What is a wavelength example?

The distance between the crests of two waves is an example of wavelength. When you and another person have the same overall mentality and hence can communicate successfully, this is an example of wavelength. The distance between a wave's first peak and its next peak or crest.

5. How do you find the full wavelength?

The following formula can be used to calculate wavelength: wavelength = wave velocity/frequency. The length of a wave is usually measured in metres. The Greek lambda ‘λ’is the sign for wavelength, therefore λ = v/f.