Water Flow Calculator

The best online easy-to-use water flow calculator tool is the best tool that provides the flow of water using pressure. The main thing to do is should produce inlet pressure, outlet pressure, and liquid flow as inputs and get the output effortlessly by clicking on the button which is showing "Calculate". So that you will see the answer in no time.

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How to Calculate Flow of Water?

Here, we are going to show you how we need to calculate the flow of water step-by-step easily and without any confusion. By following these steps you will get the correct result always.

  • In this, you will see the inlet pressure, outlet pressure, liquid flow, and flow coefficient for regulators and values in the problem.
  • First, write down all the values in your solution.
  • Then you will need to give the formula, Water flow = (Cv×√Δp) / √SL
  • Here, this specific gravity of water as we know is 1.0 at 60oF.
  • And, in this Δp is calculated as P2 - P1.
  • So, by combining all this we will calculate the problem and we will get the flow of water using pressure.

What do you mean by Flow of Water in Physics?

Water flow can also be called fluid flow and liquid flow. If the liquid is moving, generally we say it as flow. Flowing of water has two types. One is turbulent and another one is laminar. This flow of liquid may be steady or unsteady. If the flow of water is independent then only water will be steady, otherwise, it will be unsteady.

Fluid flow describes how the fluid interacts and behaves with the other surrounding mediums. It means, simply if the liquid flow is flowing through the pipe that shows how it is moving through a pipe. There is one difference between Laminar flow and turbulent flow is laminar flow is smoother whereas turbulent flow is disordered.

Liquid Flow Formula

Now, we will see the formula of liquid flow.

QL = (Cv×√Δp) / √SL


QL is water flow.

SL is the specific gravity of water.

Δp is P2-P1.

Cv is the flow coefficient for regulators and values.

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Water Flow Calculator

FAQs on Water Flow Calculator

1. How do you find liquid flow?

Liquid Flow can be calculated by the formula, QL = (Cv×√Δp) / √SL

2. What is the best tool for calculating the flow of water?

Water Flow Calculator in physicscalculatorpro.com is the best tool to get the flow of water using pressure easily.

3. What is water flow in physics?

Water flow describes how the fluid interacts and behaves with the surrounding medium.

4. How many types of water flow do we have?

We have two types of water flow, one is turbulent flow and another one is laminar flow.