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Utilize this free vertical velocity calculator tool to calculate the vertical velocity of projectile motion. Put the values into the given input fields and then tap on calculate then immediately you will see the answer.

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What is Vertical Velocity of Projectile Motion?

If we want to know the vertical velocity, first we will see about velocity. Velocity is a quantity that always tells you how fast the position of an object is moving. And in projectile motion the object moves in a parabolic trajectory. For example, we can take a ball and throw it into the sky, and again it falls down, in this situation the vertical velocity involves. Projectile motion has two types. One is horizontal velocity and another one is vertical velocity.

Vertical Velocity of Projectile Motion

The horizontal velocity is the same as the initial velocity, but the vertical velocity changes for every second by 9.8m/s.

Vertical Velocity of Projectile Motion Formula

The formula used to calculate the vertical velocity of projectile motion is shown below.

Vy = V0 - gt


Vy = vertical velocity of time

V0 = Initial velocity of time

g = gravitational acceleration

t = time

If you want to find initial vertical velocity,

V0 = Vy + gt

If you want to find Acceleration Gravity,

g = V0 - Vy / t

If you want to find time,

t = V0 - Vy / t

How to Calculate Vertical Velocity Step by Step?

Now, we will see a step by step process to calculate the vertical velocity manually.

  • First, you need to check the problem, what you need to find like initial velocity, Acceleration gravity, time and vertical velocity.
  • Then according to that, you need to see which are known values and which are unknown.
  • Then write the formula and substitute all the values in it.
  • Then you can calculate the answer.

How to Calculate Vertical Velocity with Examples?

Till now you have seen how to calculate with a calculator tool and now it’s time to fold up your sleeves as we are going to explain the methods manually to calculate vertical velocity by using an example.


Question: Find the vertical velocity of time for a projectile object with an initial velocity of 50 m/s with the acceleration gravity of 10m/s2 in 2s.


Given that

V0 = 50m/s.

g = 20m/s2

t = 2s.

Vt =?


Vt = V0 - gt

V t = 50 - 20 * 2 = 50 - 40 = 10 m/s.

Vt = 10 m/s.

Still, you need to follow the same process for every problem. If you want to find other values also apply the above-needed formula and get the answer.

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FAQs On Vertical Velocity of Projectile Motion

1. What is Vertical Velocity?

The velocity acting in the vertical direction due to acceleration due to gravity is called Vertical velocity.

2. How do you find Vertical Velocity?

If you want to find the vertical velocity by using this formula, Vy = V0 - gt.

3. Which tool is best to find vertical velocity?

Vertical Velocity Calculator is the best tool to calculate vertical velocity.