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Torus Surface Area Calculator is a web-based tool that displays the Torus Surface Area for a given input. This is a free online tool that simplifies and entertains calculations. If an input is provided, the result for the supplied number can be easily displayed.

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What is Torus Surface Area and its Formula?

A torus is a three-dimensional form made by rotating a tiny circle with radius r in space around an axis that is parallel to a larger circle of radius R. To compute the surface area of a torus, use the following formula:

Surface area of Torus = (2πR)(2πr)

Surface area of Torus = 4 π2Rr

The radius of the cross-section r and the radius of rotation R, which is the distance between the centre axis and the centre of cross-section are the two radii that make up a torus.

Ring type (R > r)

Horn type (R = r)

Spindle type (R less than r)

The volume of Torus is given by:

Volume = 2π2Rr2

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What is Torus Surface Area Calculator and How to use it?

There are steps to find the torus surface area using a calculator:

  • Enter the outer radius or big radius value (R)
  • Put the inner radius or small radius value (r)
  • Press the calculate button to get the torus surface area will be appear on the screen.

Example on Torus Surface Area

Question 1: What does your average speed if the distance cover 4000 metres in 10 minutes?


Consider the problem and the inputs are as such

The outer radius is 20 units

Inner radius is 10 units

The formula for finding the torus surface area is Surface area = 4 π2Rr

Surface area = 4 (3.14)2*20*10

Surface area = 7887.68

Therefore, The surface area of a torus is 7887.68 sq.unit.

FAQs on Torus Surface Area Calculator

1. What is the formula for calculating the surface area of a torus?


The surface area of a torus is calculated by multiplying the cross-section circumference by the ring circumference. The formula for the surface area of a torus is 2rR


2. Is a torus considered a surface?

A torus is a revolving surface created by rotating a circle in three-dimensional space around an axis that is coplanar with the circle.

3. What exactly is a torus?

A torus is a three-dimensional circular shape with a cross-section of a circle. Doughnuts, tyres, and basketball hoops all have this shape. When you revolve a circle along a circular path along an axis normal to the circle, you get this shape.