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You can calculate wavelength and atomic number by using the Rydberg Equation calculator. Simply, enter the atomic number and primary quantum numbers of the initial and final states of an emitted light in the tool and click on the calculate button to avail the output in seconds.

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Rydberg Equation Calculator: The Rydberg Equation Calculator is a tool that helps in the calculation and comprehension of the hydrogen emission spectrum. Other chemical elements with only one electron can also be calculated using our calculator. Go through the further modules to learn what is Rydberg Equation, its Formula, Procedure for Calculating the Wavelength using Rydberg Equation Solver.

Rydberg Equation Formula

The Rydberg formula is a mathematical method of estimating light wavelength. When an electron moves from one atomic orbit to another, the energy of the electron shifts. The photon of light is formed when an electron moves from a high-energy orbit to a lower-energy orbit. The photon of light is also absorbed by the atom as the electron shifts from a low to a higher energy state.

The calculator uses the formula to determine the wavelength of an emitted light.

1/λ = RZ2(1/ni2−1/nf2). Since,nf>ni

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Hydrogen Emission Spectrum

You can understand about the many spectral line series found in hydrogen, as well as an approach that utilises the emission spectrum by referring to the below mentioned table.

Initial state(ni) Final state(nf) Series
1 n ≥ 2 Lyman series
2 n ≥ 3 Balmer series
3 n ≥ 4 Paschen series
4 n ≥ 5 Brackett series
5 n ≥ 6 Pfund series
6 n ≥ 7 Humphreys series

How do you use Rydberg Equation to find Wavelength?

Rydberg Equation Examples

Question 1: Find the wavelength of an electron's electromagnetic radiation as it relaxes from n = 4 to n = 1?


Consider the problem, we have

Initial stage, ni = 3

Final stage, nf = 4

We know that, Rydberg’s constant, RH is approximately 1.9074 ×107m-1.

The Rydberg equation:1/λ = RZ2(1/nf2 − 1/ni2)

Substituting the inputs, we get the following equation for Wavelength of Rydberg Equation:

1/λ = 1.0947×107(1/32−1/42)

1/λ = 1.0947×107(7/144)

1/λ = 0.0532×107

1/λ = 18.74731483771856×107

Therefore, The wavelength in meters the value of Rydberg’s constant is λ= 1.875×10−6meter.

Question 2: Find the atomic number for hydrogen if the wavelength of an electron radiation is 150m with the energy level from n = 2 to n = 1?


Consider the problem, we have

Wavelength, λ = 150m

Initial state, ni = 2

Final state, nf = 1

We know that: The Rydberg’s constant, RH is approximately 1.9074 ×107m-1.

Z is the atomic number (for hydrogen Z = 1)

By using the Rydberg equation: 1/λ = RZ2(1/nf2 − 1/ni2)

We can change the Rydberg Equation as z = √1 /(R * λ* ((1/nf2−1/ni2))

Substitute the values into the equation, we get

Atomic number, Z = √1 /(R *150 * (1/1² - 1/2²))

Atomic number, Z = 284.61713926861565*10-07

Therefore, Atomic number, Z = 2.846*10-05

FAQs on Rydberg Equation Calculator

1. What is the formula for calculating the Rydberg Equation Wavelength?

The formula to determine the wavelength of an emitted light that is emitted when hydrogen-like elements are switching to different energy levels is 1/λ = RZ2(1/ni2 − 1/nf2).Since, nf>ni.

2. What is n1 and n2 in Rydberg Equation?

n1 and n2 are integers in Rydberg Equation.

3. What is the hydrogen spectrum formula?

The following formula can be used to compute the observed hydrogen-spectrum wavelengths: 1/λ=R(1/ni2−1/nf2).Since, The atomic number of hydrogen is Z = 1