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Use the Redshift Calculator to quickly determine the redshift parameter. To obtain an accurate redshift parameter value as well as a full explanation, simply enter the emitted light wavelength and observed light wavelength information and press the calculate button.

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What is meant by Redshift?

The spectral lines of electromagnetic radiation emitted by some stars or galaxies are shifted towards longer wavelengths, a phenomenon known as redshift (or lower frequencies).

The redshift can be caused by a variety of factors, including:

  • When a light source moves away from an observer, the relativistic Doppler effect occurs.
  • The faster universes appear to travel away from us, the faster the universe appears to expand.
  • Light loses energy by resolving the gravity of the star, i.e., the wavelength of the light grows.

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Redshift Formula

The redshift is defined in astronomy by the dimensionless quantity z. The z parameter can be estimated in two ways using our redshift calculator:

z = (λo - λe) / λe or z = (fe - fo) / fo

  • Here, z is the redshift parameter
  • λe and fe are the wavelength and frequency of emitted light respectively
  • λo and fo are the wavelength and frequency of observed light, respectively.

How do you Calculate Redshift using Calculator?

You'll find straightforward instructions for calculating the redshift parameter.

  • Get the wavelength of the light that was emitted and the wavelength of the light that was detected.
  • Press the calculate button
  • To determine the redshift parameter, divide the value by the wavelength of the emitted light.

Redshift Examples

Question 1:Find the redshift parameter if the wavelengths of the emitted and observed wavelengths are 160 nm and 130 nm, respectively.


Consider the problem, we have

Wavelengh of Emitted light = 160 nm

Wavelengh of Observed light = 130 nm

The formula for finding the redshift parameter,z = (λo - λe) / λe or z = (fe - fo) / fo

Frequency of Emitted light = 1873.7 teraHertz

Frequency of Observed light = 2306.0923076923077 teraHertz

z = -0.1875

Therefore,the redshift parameter is z = -0.1875

FAQs on Redshift Calculator

1. What exactly is a redshift?

It is defined as stretching the wavelength of light, which causes it to shift towards the red section of the spectrum.

2. What are the factors causes redshift?

The main factors are Doppler effect, universal expansion and gravitational effects.

3. What is the redshift and blueshift?

The letters z stand for redshift and blueshift. A positive z indicates a redshift, while a negative z indicates a blueshift.

4. Is redshift getting closer or further away?

In fact, not only is it redshifted, but galaxies further away are redshifted more than galaxies closer to us.