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A quarter-mile calculator is a combination of speed and time elapsed calculator, by using this calculator you can determine your car's power and weight, it will estimate its 1/4-mile elapsed time and final speed (also known as trap speed).In this article, you will learn about how this calculator works and what fundamentals it works on.

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Quarter-Mile and Speed Formulas

Engineers and automotive enthusiasts were highly interested in determining the efficiency of the vehicle. But at the same time, they thought about doing these mathematical functions for a small (quarter) so as to get accuracy. The solution to this which was widely accepted was to record the elapsed time and final speeds of different vehicles and then calculate the various slopes related to the quarter-mile functions.

ET = 6.290 * (weight / power)¹ᐟ³

  • where: ET is the elapsed time over a quarter-mile distance.
  • 6.290 is an empirically derived constant.
  • weight is the total weight of the vehicle (including the driver and the object mass inside it) in pounds.
  • power is the peak engine power at the clutch, when the vehicle is moving (net power) in horsepower.

And a few formulas that are used in higher calculations are as follows

  • Huntington's quarter-mile ET = 6.290 * (weight / power)¹ᐟ³
  • Huntington's quarter-mile speed = 224 * (weight / power)¹ᐟ³
  • Fox's quarter-mile ET = 6.269 * (weight / power)¹ᐟ³
  • Fox's quarter-mile speed = 230 * (weight / power)¹ᐟ³
  • Hale's quarter-mile ET = 5.825 * (weight / power)¹ᐟ³
  • Hale's quarter-mile speed = 234 * (weight / power)¹ᐟ³

How to use the Quarter Mile Calculator?

  • First, decide which formula to use in the given question. For example, Hale's is likely to give more accurate results than Huntington's as they are more recent and more likely to apply to modern vehicles and similar objects.
  • Enter the total weight of the car and driver.
  • Enter the car's peak power output in rpm (revolutions per minute)
  • The results section shows you the estimated elapsed time over the quarter-mile and the final speed at the quarter-mile point.

Quarter Mile or 1/4th Mile Example Problems

Question 1: In a quarter-mile drag race, two trucks having the same load start simultaneously from rest, and each accelerates at a constant rate until it either reaches its maximum speed or crosses the finish line. Truck A has an acceleration of 12.09.0 m/s/s and a maximum speed of 109 m/s. Truck B has an acceleration of 11.68 m/s/s and a maximum speed of 93.4 m/s. Evaluate which car wins the race.


Acceleration of truck A is 12.09 m/s/s

Acceleration of truck A is 11.68 m/s/s

The maximum speed of A is 109 m/s

The maximum speed of A is 93.4 m/s

Substituting the values of acceleration and speed and hence power in the equation:

Final speed of the object = 234 * (power / weight)¹ᐟ³

We get that by the second law of motion and hence determining the power of truck B is more than truck A by 67 newtons.

Hence Car B will win the race.

Question 2: Nandini and Aditi are running laps on a circular quarter-mile track at the same position. If Nandini completes each lap in 75 seconds and Aditi completes each lap in 90 seconds, how many laps will Aditi have run before she’s passed by Nandini, assuming they start at the same time?


Lap 1 of Nandini = 15 seconds behind Aditi

Lap 2 = 30 s(Aditi at start point)

Lap 3 = 45 s(Aditi at start point)

Lap 4 = 60 s(Aditi at start point)

Lap 5 = 75 s(Aditi at start point)

Here both are at the starting point and have completed 6 rounds.

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FAQs on Quarter Mile Calculator

1. What is a respectable 1/4 mile time?

Taking into consideration that in the present, the world's fastest production cars are only now generally cracking the 10-second mark with most between 10.5 seconds and 11.5 seconds.

2. How fast is a fast quarter-mile?

Although there is no theoretical concept as fast quarter-mile in race and calculations, 167.51 mph is considered to be fast.

3. What does a quarter-mile look like?

A quarter-mile in measurement will look like a 440-yard dash, a sprint footrace in track and field competition on 440 yards.

4. What is the fastest electric car in the 1/4 mile?

The Rimac Nevera is now presently the quickest and the fastest production car in the quarter-mile sciences.

5. How long should it take to run a quarter-mile?

This however depends on the speed of the runner, but assuming the normal aged, physically fit and a moderately trained person should take at least 53 seconds.