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The Projectile Motion for Horizontal Displacement Calculator determines the value of horizontal displacement given an initial horizontal velocity and time. In comparison to the traditional method of solving the problem, the free calculator available here gives you a quick response in a microsecond.

Initial horizontal velocity

Horizontal Projectile Motion Displacement

When a particle is thrown obliquely near the earth's surface, it follows a curved route that leads to the earth's centre at a constant velocity. This form of particle motion is known as horizontal projectile motion, with projectile referring to the particle's path. The particle has now begun to move along the x-axis.

Horizontal Projectile Motion Displacement Formula

The horizontal displacement induced by particle projectile motion is given by ∆x = V0 x t

  • Where, ∆x = horizontal projectile displacement
  • V0 = velocity of the particle
  • t = time of flight

The projectile motion is called vertical projectile motion when the particle moves at a constant rate. The particle is now moving along the y-axis.

How do you Calculate the Horizontal Displacement of a Projectile Motion?

Follow the steps below to find the horizontal displacement of a particle in projectile motion using a calculator.

  • Step 1: Fill in the velocity and time data in the appropriate input fields.
  • Step 2: In the Horizontal Displacement at Time input field, type 'x'.
  • Step 3: To acquire the result, click the "Calculate the Unknown" button.
  • Step 4: In the output field, the value of horizontal projectile displacement will show.

Projectile Motion for Horizontal Displacement Examples

Question 1: Determine the value of a particle's horizontal displacement in a projectile motion with a constant velocity of 50 m/s and a time of flight is 40 seconds.



Velocity of particle = 50 m/s

Time of flight = 40 sec

Projectile motion's of horizontal displacement,

∆x = V0 x t

∆x = 50 x 40 = 200 m

FAQs on Horizontal Projectile Motion Displacement

1. In projectile motion, what is horizontal displacement?

The range of the projectile is the horizontal displacement of the projectile and is determined by the object's starting velocity. The range of a projectile will be the same if it is projected at the same initial speed but at two complementary angles of projection.

2. How do you optimise horizontal displacement?

A higher relative projection height results in a longer flight time, which results in more horizontal displacement while the projection speed is constant.

3. What is an object's horizontal acceleration when it is in horizontal projectile motion?

There will be no horizontal acceleration. Horizontal acceleration is always 0 since nothing accelerates a projectile horizontally.

4. What factors influence the projectile's horizontal motion?

The tendency for any moving object to maintain a constant velocity causes the projectile to move horizontally. Due to the absence of horizontal forces, a bullet maintains a constant horizontal velocity.