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The Particle Velocity Calculator is a versatile tool that calculates particle velocity from other input factors like temperature and mass. To obtain the average velocity of a gas particle quickly, simply enter the mass and temperature of the gas and then press the calculate button.

Particle Velocity Calculator: Trying to figure out how to determine a gas particle's average velocity? Then, without further ado, take a look at our Particle Velocity Calculator and see what you can come up with. Particle Velocity Definition, Formula, Procedure for Calculating the Average Velocity of a Gas Particle, and more are covered in this article. Furthermore, you can study about the Maxwell-Boltzmann Distribution and its formula in detail.

Particle Velocity Definition

The velocity of a particle in a medium as it transmits a wave is known as particle velocity. It's also known as the Maxwell-Boltzmann Equation or the Maxwell-Boltzmann Distribution.

Maxwell-Boltzmann Distribution

The particles in a gas move and collide according to Newton's Equation of Motion. The Order of Avogadro number 10(-23)., on the other hand, makes tracing particle motion impossible. As a result, temperature is used to define gas particles.

If you're asking what the speed of a particle in a gas is, the Maxwell-Boltzmann distribution is a good place to start. The probability of a particle with velocity v is given by f(v)=(m/(2π*k*T))(3/2)4π*v2*Exp(-m*v2/(2*k*T)).

  • where, m is the particle's mass
  • T is the gas's temperature
  • v is the velocity
  • k is the Boltzmann Constant and k = 1.3806*10(-23)J/K

Average Velocity of a Particle

We may find the formula for Average Velocity of a Particle in Gas by using the Maxwell-Boltzmann Equation:v=(8*k*T/(π*m))(1/2).


  • The Boltzmann Constant is denoted by K.
  • T stands for Temperature.
  • m be the mass of particles.
  • v is the mean or average speed.

How Do You Work Out Particle Velocity?

To simply determine particle velocity, follow the simple steps outlined below. They are dressed in the style shown below.

  • To begin, determine the particle's mass.
  • Next, determine the gas's temperature.
  • Substitute the known input values in the particle velocity formula, i.e.=(8*k*T/(π*m))(1/2).
  • Keep solving the equation to obtain the particle velocity in gas.

Particle Velocity Examples

Question 1: Calculate the average velocity if the mass of the particle is 10.0g with 30 degree Celsius of Temperature.


Consider the problem, we have



We know the formula to calculate the Maxwell-Boltzmann Equation:v=(8*k*T/(π*m))(1/2).

Where, k = 1.3806*10−23J/K is the Boltzmann constant,

Convert Temprature 30 celsius into Kelvin

Temprature = 303.15 K

Velocity = 1.03x1009m/s

As a result,The average velocity is 1.03x1009m/s

FAQs on Particle Velocity Calculator

1. What is the Formula for Particle Velocity?

The formula to calculate the particle velocity is (8*k*T/(π*m))(1/2)

2. What does Particle Velocity imply?

The velocity of a particle in a medium when it transmits a wave is known as particle velocity.

3. What factors influence particle velocity?

The velocity of a particle is determined by the time and location of the particle.