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Avail this free parallax calculator tool to compute the distance of nearby stars. To use this calculator, give the inputs like the name of the star, parallax, and distance in the input field and click on the calculate button. This tool is free to use and is user-friendly.

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What is Parallax?

A change in the evident position of an object due to a change in the position of the observation point is called parallax.

For example, if you hold a pen at your arm's length and look at it with your left and right eye by closing sequentially. Now you need to observe the position of the pencil with respect to s background object like a tree or a wall. Based on the position of the eye background will change. If you see it with right eye you will see one background. If you see it with left eye you will see other background.

If you move the pencil closer to your face the gap between the left and right images increase.

Formula of parallax is given below,

d = 1 / p


 P is the parallax angle,

d is the distance between the earth and the star.

h3>How do you Calculate the Distance of Stars?

Here are the guidelines that are given below to calculate the distance of stars using parallax method. Below are the steps.

  • Just notedown the values that are given below.
  • Apply the formula of parallax.
  • Next, substitute value of parallax according to the star name.
  • Finally after simplifying it you will get the answer.

Parallax Example Problem

Question: Find the distance of star using parallax?


Name of the star is Betelgeuse ∝ orionis.

For this star, as we know that parallax is 6.55milliarcsecond

where, p = 6.55 x 10 -3.

To calculate the distance, apply the formula,

d = 1/p

= 1 / 6.55 x 10 -3.

= 152.67parsecs.

As we know already, 1 parsec =3.26 light year.

= 152.67 x 3.26 ly

= 497.7 ly

Therefore, the value of distance of star is 497.7 ly.

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FAQS on Parallax Calculator

1. What is Parallax?

Parallax is the change in the position of an object that results the change in the position of observer.

2. How do you calculate the distance of stars?

Distance of stars can be calculated by the formula, d = 1 / p.

3. How to use parallax calculator?

Parallax calculator can be used by the following steps.

  • Firstly, provide the inputs in the input fields.
  • Then you need to click on the calculate button.
  • Finally, get the answer in seconds.

4. What is the best website for parallax calculator? is the best website for parallax calculator.