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Avail this free tool to calculate the momentum with velocity when you are having the values of mass and velocity. You need to do a simple thing, i.e., enter the given values in the calculator tool and click on the calculate button to get an answer within seconds.

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What is Momentum with Velocity?

Momentum with velocity is defined as objects moving in a straight line with a constant speed. In other words, momentum is the product of mass and velocity. As momentum is having both magnitude and direction we call it a vector quantity. Unit of momentum is kilogram-meter per second. Momentum and velocity directions are the same.

Momentum = mass * velocity

How to use the Momentum with Velocity Calculator?

Here, we will see steps to calculate momentum along with the mass and velocity of the objects using this calculator tool.

  • First, thoroughly read the question to know for which of the two values are given.
  • Note down the values and see what is the finding value.
  • According to that, select the option in the calculator.
  • Like if you are finding Momentum select finding value as momentum. Otherwise, if the finding value is mass, select mass, if the finding value is velocity select velocity.
  • Then, by substituting the values in that formula and press calculate.
  • Then you will get the answer within no time.

Momentum with Velocity Formula

The product of mass and velocity is called Momentum, as this momentum is similar to force. Momentum defines the property of the moving object. So let us see the formulas below.

p = m x v


p is the momentum

m is the mass

v is the velocity

Then, m = p/v

  • And also sometimes you need to find mass,

Then, v = p/m

  • And if you want to find Velocity,

Look into the question carefully and use any of these formulas.

Examples on Momentum with Velocity?

Question 1: Compute the momentum of a toy car having the mass of 300gm moving with a speed of 6m/s??


Given values are

m = 300gm, convert it into kg m = 0.3 kg And velocity v = 6m/s.


p = m*v

p = 0.3*6 = 1.79 kgm/s.

Question 2: The mass of an object is 5kg and the momentum is 15kgm/s. Find the velocity of the object?


Given values are

m = 5 kg

And the momentum p = 15kgm/s.


v = p/m

v = 15/5 = 3m/s

Question 3: A body has its momentum and velocity is 15kgm/s and 5 m/s. Calculate the mass of the body?


Given Values are

p = 15kgm/s v = 5m/s

Formula, m = p/v

m = 15/5 = 3 kg.

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FAQs on Momentum with Velocity

1. How to find momentum with velocity?

By using momentum with velocity calculator you can find or use the formula p = m*v

2. What is the best website to calculate Momentum with velocity? is the best website to calculate the momentum with velocity.

3. What is momentum with velocity in simple words?

Momentum with velocity in simple words is the product of mass and velocity.