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Momentum with Time calculator is a simple tool to calculate momentum with time. Just you need to give the values that you have with you and click on calculate. Then you will see the answer immediately without any delay.

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What is Momentum?

Momentum is defined as the object which has a quantity of motion. And it is a vector quantity as it has a magnitude and direction. In plain words, momentum with time is the product of force and time. And the unit of Momentum is kgm/s.

The Half-life principle was first introduced in 1907 by the physicist Rutherford. Similar to the name, Half-life is represented as t1/2 and it is in units of time. Basically, this Half-life is used to decide the atoms which are stable and which are unstable.

Momentum = Force x Time

How to Use Momentum with Time Calculator?

In this, we will see a step by step process to use this Momentum with a time calculator. It is very simple and easy. Check the below steps to know how to use the tool.

  • First, check the question for what values you have.
  • Then fill in the input fields which values are known, and leave empty which are unknown.
  • Click on calculate and the answer is shown immediately.

Momentum with Time Formula

The formula for calculating the momentum of an object with respect to time is given below.

Momentum (p) = Force(f) * Time(t)

P = FT


p= momentum

t = time

Force (f) = p/t

  • And also if you have to find the force,

Time (t) = p/f

  • If you want to find Time,

How Momentum is Calculated With Examples?

Here, we are providing some solved examples to know how to calculate the momentum with respect to time. We will see all three formulas with one example for each.


Question 1: A player hits the ball with the force of 40N and the ball comes to the ground after 5 sec. Calculate the momentum?


Given values are

F = 40N, t = 5s.

Formula, p = F * t

p = 40*5 = 200Ns or 200kgm/s.

Question 2: Find the value of force, when the time is 10 sec and the momentum is 300kgm/s?


Given values are

p = 300N, t = 10s.

Formula, p = F * t

Now as we need to find a force,

F = p / t

F = 300 / 10 = 30N

Question 3: Calculate the time when we have the change in momentum 200 kgm/s and along with exerted force 10N?


Given Values are

F = 10N, p = 200kgm/s.

Formula, p = F * t

Now as we need to find a force, so

t = p / F

t = 200 / 10 = 20 s.

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FAQs on Momentum with Time

1. How to find change in momentum with force and time?

To find momentum use this formula, p = F * t, or use momentum with the time calculator to get quick answers.

2. What is the relationship between time and momentum?

Momentum is directly proportional to time, when time increases momentum also increases.

3. What is momentum in simple words?

Momentum in simple words is the product of force and time.