Moment Calculator

The Moment Calculator is a free online tool that shows the rate at which Moments from one substance to another. This Moment calculator tool speeds up the process by displaying the Moment rate in a fraction of a second.

Moment Calculator: The moment force in an object moving around an axis can be calculated using a moment calculator. If you want to understand more about the moment of force, its formula, or how to find the moment of force using examples, continue reading. Also, check out the worked out examples on finding moment in the further modules and no longer feel solving problems on the concept difficult.

Moment Formula

The moment is an expression that estimates how a physical quantity is positioned or ordered by combining the product of a distance and a physical quantity. To put it another way, an instant is a very small period of time. For both balanced and unbalanced forces, the moment of force formula can be used to compute the moment of force. As a result, the moment formula is M = F × l

  • l is the length of lever arm or moment arm
  • M is the moment
  • F be the force (in N) (in meters)

Moment of a Force Formula

The product of the distance between the point and the point of force application and the component of the force perpendicular to the line of distance is the moment.Newton-Meter is the SI unit for moment or moment of force (Nm).

Formula for the Moment of Force

The formula for the moment of force is as follows: M = F × d

  • Where, M stands for the present moment
  • F is the applied force
  • The total distance from the axis is represented by d

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Moment Calculation Examples

Question 1: Calculate the moment of force in an object travelling at a distance of 3m from the axis with a force of 30 N.


Consider the question,

Force, F = 30 N

Distance, d = 3 m

We know that, The formula for finding the Moment of force is M = F × d

Place the given values in the moment of force equation and simplify it.

M = 30 × 3

M = 90 Nm

Therefore, the Moment is M = 90 Nm.

FAQs on Moment Calculator

1. What about the measurement of moment?

The moment (M) is measured In newton-metres (Nm).

2. Is moment and torque the same?

Moment and torque are considered the same. But, in mechanics, the moment and torque are slightly different from each other.

3. How can you figure out the length of a lever arm?

The moment equation can be used to calculate the length of a lever arm is M = F × d

The length of the lever arm is represented by d in this equation. As a result, d = M/F

To compute the length of a lever arm, simply place the moment and force numbers.

4. What method do you use to calculate moments?

The following equation can be used to compute the moment of a force: Moment is equal to Force multiplied by the Pivot's Perpendicular Distance.