Mass Calculator

This handy tool can determine the mass of an object based on its observed weight and local gravity for the desired geo location on Earth or any other gravitational pull source.

Mass Calculator: The mass of an object is displayed using the Mass Calculator, a free online application. The online mass calculator tool speeds up the calculation and displays the object's mass in a fraction of a second. Continue reading further to know about mass definition, formula, procedure on how to calculate mass, covert between mass to weight. Refer the solved examples on calculating mass over here and solve the problems on mass without any hassle.

Mass Formula

The dimensionless quantity that represents the amount of matter in a particle is defined as mass. The letter "m" is used to denote mass. It is a numerical representation of inertia. The mass is said to be the foundation of all matter. The density of the object formula can be used to derive the mass formula. The density of a substance is defined as its mass per unit volume. As a result, the formula for calculating mass is as follows:

Mass = Density * Volume

Another method for calculating mass is as follows:

Mass = Force/Acceleration

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How do you convert Mass to Weight?

The force of gravity pulling down on an object is measured by its weight. It is determined by the mass of the item and the acceleration due to gravity, which on Earth is 9.8 m/s2.

F = ma is the formula for computing weight

  • Where, F is the object's weight in Newtons (N).
  • m is the mass of object in kg

How Do I Use the Mass Calculator?

  • Input the unknown's density, volume, and x in the appropriate input fields.
  • Next, To receive the result, click the Calculate button
  • Finally, in the output field, the object's mass will be displayed.

Finding Mass Examples

Question 1: Calculate the Mass of the body having volume 300m3 and density is 15 kg/m3?


Consider the problem, we have

Volume=300 m3

Density, ρ=15 kg/m3

We know the formula to calculate Massm=V×ρ

Substituting the inputs, we get the following equation for Mass

m = 300×15

Therefore, The Mass of the body is 4500 kg

FAQs on Mass Calculator

1. How do you calculate mass from weight?

Divide by gravity (9.8 m/s2) to convert from weight to mass.

2. What is the process for calculating weight?

Weight is a measurement of the forces exerted on the body mass by gravity. Weight is a localised comprehension of an object's mass, whereas mass is the universal value of the object. The formula is w = mg.As a result, an object's mass and weight may be directly related.

3. Define mass and mention its SI units?

The amount of matter in a body is defined as the mass. The kilogramme is the SI unit of mass (kg).