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Last Updated : May 10, 2023

The LC Resonance Calculator is a free online tool that displays the resonant frequency in an electrical circuit for a given capacitance and inductance. The online LC resonance calculator tool speeds up the calculation and displays the resonance frequency in a fraction of a second.

LC Resonance Frequency Definition and Formula

The LC circuit is also known as the tuned circuit, tank circuit, or resonant circuit in physics. The inductor and capacitor in the LC circuit are connected in a series or parallel configuration. LC circuits are commonly employed as bandpass filters or signal generators.

The LC resonance frequency formula is given by: f = 1/2π√(LC)

  • Here, L is the circuit inductance
  • C is the circuit capacitance
  • Π = 3.14(constant)
  • f is the resonance frequency

Resonances comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, for example: mechanical and acoustic, electrical, optical, orbital, molecular. The capacitance C and the impedance L determine the resonant frequency in LC circuits.

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What is the LC Resonance Calculator and How do I use it?

The following is the procedure on how to utilise the LC Resonance Calculator:

  • In the input field, enter the capacitance, inductance to determine a resonant circuit.
  • To calculate the resonance frequency, click the calculate button.
  • Finally, In the output field, the LC resonance frequency will be presented.

FAQs on LC Resonance Calculator

1. What is the formula for calculating LC resonance?

When the inductive reactance of the inductor equals the capacitive reactance of the capacitor, the LC circuit enters resonance.

2. What is the frequency of LC resonance?

When an LC circuit is driven by an external source at an angular frequency of ω0 and the inductive and capacitive reactance are identical in magnitude, it is said to be in resonance. The resonant frequency is the frequency at which this equality holds for a specific circuit.

3. What is the formula for LC Resonance Circuit?

The LC resonance frequency formula is given by: f = 1/2π√(LC)

4. How to use the LC Resonance calculator?

The calculator may be used in three simple steps:

  • Enter any two parameters for a resonant circuit.
  • Choose the measurement units you want to use.
  • The resonant frequency calculator will calculate the third missing parameter once you click Calculate.