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Make use of this easy and free online tool that determines the effective resistance offered by an inductor coil. All you need to do is give the frequency value and inductance value as inputs and click on the calculate button and get the inductive reactance in a fraction of seconds.


What is Inductive Reactance?

Inductive reactance is an electrical field that is generated through the coil when the current passes to the inductor. This phenomenon of producing an electric field is called inductance. The length of the coil is directly proportional to the induced field. Resistance of flowing current offered by an inductor in a DC circuit it is known as reactance. Let us see the formula of inductive reactance.

IR(XL) : 2π * f * L


f is the frequency.

L is the inductance

Units of frequency and inductance are hertz and henry.

If you want to find the frequency,

f = (XL)/2π * L

If you want to find Inductance,

L = (XL)/2π * f

How to Find the Inductive Reactance?

Take a look at these steps to compute the inductive reactance. Follow these steps carefully.

  • Note down all the values given in the problem.
  • Then, apply the formula and substitute the values in it.
  • Finally, you will get the desired answer.

Inductive Reactance Solved Questions

Example Question: At what frequency does a 2000mH inductor have 5kΩ of reactance?


Given parameters are, XL = 5kΩ = 5000Ω, and L = 2000mH = 2.0H

Inductive reactance formula,

As here we need to find the frequency formula can be rewritten as,

f = (XL)/2π * L

f = (5000Ω) / 2π * 2.0H

f = 5000 * 7/ (2 * 22 * 2.0)

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FAQs on Inductive Reactance Calculator

1. How do you calculate inductive resistance?

Inductive resistance is calculated by using the formula, Inductive reactance(XL) : 2π * f * L

2. What is Inductive Reactance?

Inductive Reactance is directly proportional to frequency and inductance. And the units are hertz.

3. What is the formula of frequency?

The formula of frequency is f = (XL)/2π * L.