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Calculate the impact force of an object in a fraction of seconds by using an impact force calculator. Simply, just provide the mass, velocity, and time as inputs and press the calculate button to get the output easily.

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What is Impact Force?

When two objects collide with each other then it is impact force. It delivers high impact a short period of time. When one object falls onto another object then the collision of the object. And the unit of impact force in newtons(N).

Formula for Impact Force

Impact Force = [m * v2] / 2s


m = mass

v = velocity

s = speed

How to Calculate the Impact Force?

Follow the guidelines below to find the impact force. Have a look at them and follow them carefully and get the result easily.

  • Initially, you need to write the values in the given problem.
  • Then, you need to find the mass, velocity, and time.
  • Next, apply the formula. [m * v2] / 2s.
  • Calculate the operations, so that you will get the impact force value.

Example Question to Find Impact Force


Question: A car weighs 2360kg and is moving with a speed of 2.5 m/s when it hits a light pole head on. The deformation distance is measured at 45cm. What is the impact force of the car?


Given that

Mass (m) = 2360kg

veocity (v) = 2.5 m/s

Speed (s) = 45cm = 0.45m.

Then, as we know the formula,

Impact Force = [m * v2] / 2s

IF = [2360 * (2.5)2] / 2*0.45

IF = 14750 / 0.9 = 16388.8

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FAQs on Impact Force Calculator

1. What do you mean by Impact Force?

Impact force is a force that happens when two objects collide. When one object falls onto another object then the collision occurs.

2. How do you find the Impact Force?

Impact force can be calculated by the formula, Impact Force = [m * v2] / 2s.

3. Which tool is best to find impact force?

The impact force calculator is the best tool to calculate the impact force.

4. Determine m, v in the formula of impact force?

In impact force, formula m is mass and v is velocity.