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The Ideal Gas Law Calculator is a web-based programme that calculates the unknown measurable parameters of ideal gases in seconds. Simply enter the data in the appropriate fields and press the calculate button to see the results in no time.

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Ideal Gas Law Formula

The formula pV = nRT is the emperical form of the Ideal Gas Law Equation.

  • p denotes the gas pressure in units of pa.
  • The volume of the gas is V and it is measured in m3.
  • The number of moles is denoted by the symbol n.
  • The Ideal Gas Constant is R.
  • T stands for the absolute temperature of a gas, which is expressed in Kelvins.

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The Ideal Gas Law Constant

We can get the ideal gas law equation by combining Robert Boyle, Gay-Lussac, and Amedeo Avogadro's observations. In the next modules, we will first master the specific expressions of charle's law, boyle's law, avagadro's law, and so on.

According to Boyle's Law, V∝1/P

According to Charle's Law, V∝T

According to Avagadro's Law, V∝n

We derive the equation V∝nT/P by combining all of these formulas. Volume is directly proportional to moles and temperature, and inversely proportional to pressure, as seen in the preceding equation.

The result of rewriting the equation is V=RnT/P. To eliminate the fraction, multiply the equation we obtained with P, and we get PV=nRT.

As a result, The above equation is referred to as the ideal gas equation.

Ideal Gas Law Examples

Question 1: Find temperature of a gas if the pressure is 12.0 pascal under the volume is 20mm3 with the amount of substance is 4mol.


Consider the problem, we have

Pressure = 12.0 Pa

Convert Volume 20 mm3 into m3

Volume = 2x10-08 m3

By using the formula pV = nRT is the emperical form of the Ideal Gas Law Equation.

Convert 7.216742843396681x10-09 Kelvin into celsius

Temperature = -273.14999999278325 celsius

FAQs on Ideal Gas Law Calculator

1. What exactly is the Ideal Gas Law?

According to the Ideal Gas Law that the pressure multiplied by volume equals mole times universal gas constant times temperature.

2. What does the Ideal Gas Equation mean?

The ideal gas equation is given by pV = nRT.

3. What does T stand for in pV nRT?

The absolute temperature of the gas, measured in Kelvins, is T in the ideal gas equation: pV nRT.

4. Does the Ideal Gas Law apply to liquids?

No, The Ideal Gas Law Equation does not apply for liquids.