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Utilise Hubble Law Distance Calculator to get the distance to the galaxy in a fraction of seconds. Give speed of the galaxy in the provided input field of the calculator and click the calculate button to obtain the result easily.

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What is Hubble's Law?

The movement of galaxies away from us was first noticed by astronomers. According to astronomers Edwin Hubble and George Lemaitre, the speed with which they move is related to the distance between them.

According to Hubble's rule, galaxies in the cosmos migrate away from us quicker and farther than we move away from them. It was also proportional to Hubble's constant. Its formula is as follows v = Ho D, D = v/Ho

  • Where, v = speed of the galaxy
  • Ho = Hubble constant and value is 70.4 km/s per million-light-years
  • D = distance to the galaxy

Using Hubble's equation, one may compute the distance of the galaxy from us after finding the shift in visible light into redshift in the spectrum. Hubble's law has restrictions in the intrinsic motion of galaxies, where the apparent velocity is modified and the galaxy orbits due to gravitational motion.

How to Calculate Hubble Distance?

The processes for using Hubble's law to calculate the distance between Earth and the galaxy are as follows.

  • Step 1: Obtain the speed of the universe.
  • Step 2: Subtract the Hubble constant from the speed value.
  • Step 3: The distance to the galaxy is the result.

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Hubble Law Distance Examples

Question 1: The velocity of certain clusters was recorded at v = 10^3 km/s. What is the distance between us?


Given: Speed of the galaxy v = 10^3 km/s

Distance D = v/Ho

D = 1000/70.4

= 14.22 MPC

Hence, the distance is 14.22 megaparsecs

FAQs on Hubble Law Distance

1. How do you use Hubble's law to determine distance?

D = v/Ho is a simple formula for calculating the distance to the galaxy using Hubble's law. To determine the distance value, solve the equation after replacing the values.

2. What is the formula for Hubble's Law?

According to Hubble's rule, the velocity of a galaxy, also known as the redshift, is proportional to its distance. v = Hod is the formula.

3. How is the Hubble Parameter determined?

The Hubble Constant can be expressed as Ho = v/d, where v is the galaxy's radial outward velocity (in other words, motion along our line of sight), d is the galaxy's distance from earth, and Ho is the Hubble Constant's current value.

4. What exactly is the Hubble Law?

Hubble's law, also known as the Hubble–Lemaître law, states that galaxies move away from Earth at rates proportionate to their distance. To put it another way, the farther they are from Earth, the quicker they are rushing away from it.