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Horizontal Projectile Motion Calculator is a free online tool that estimates the output for a horizontally launched object given any two inputs in the fraction of a second.

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What is meant by Horizontal Projectile Motion?

Horizontal projectile motion is a specific form of projectile motion that is exceptional. If an object is released horizontally from an inclined plane, employ our tool to compute flight time span, range, equation of trajectory, and other characteristics given any two values.

How to find Displacement in Horizontal Projectile Motion?

When a particle is hurled ambiguously near the earth's surface, it proceeds at a constant velocity along a curved path that leads to the earth's centre. Horizontal projectile motion is the way given to this type of particle motion, with projectile referring to the particle's route. The particle is now moving along the x-axis.

The horizontal displacement induced by particle projectile motion is given by Γêåx=V0*t

  • Here, Γêåx= denotes the horizontal displacement of the projectile.
  • V0 is the particle's initial velocity.
  • t is the time of flight.

How do you calculate the horizontal displacement of a projectile?

Follow the instructions below to find the horizontal displacement of a particle in projectile motion using a calculator.

  • Step 1: First, figure out what the values in the question are.
  • Step 2: Tap on the calculate button to get the result.
  • Step 3: In the output field, the value of horizontal projectile displacement will show.

For more concepts check out to get quick answers by using this free tool.

How to find Projectile's Horizontal Range?

The total horizontal distance covered by a projectile during its flight time is known as its range. The following is an example of an equation. r=V*t = V * √2 * h/g. Because air resistance is ignored in all of these computations, the total of kinetic and potential energy is preserved.

Horizontal Projectile Motion Examples

Question 1: Measure the value of a particle's horizontal displacement in a projectile motion with a constant velocity of 30m/s and a flight period of 50 seconds.


Consider the problem, we have

Initial velocity, V0 = 30 m/s

Flight time span, t=50s.

Horizontal projectile motion displacement, Γêåx=V0*t

600 m = x = 30 x 30


Γêåx=1500 m

Therefore, the value of particle's horizontal displacement in a projectile motion is 1500 m

FAQs on Horiontal Projectile Motion

1. What does Horizontal Projectile Motion explain?

If a particle is moved closer to the earth's surface, it flows at a constant velocity along a curved path that leads to the earth's centre. Horizontal Projectile Motion is the way of referring to this sort of particle motion.

2. What is the horizontal range formula?

The formula for Horizontal Projectile Motion Range is r=V×t.

3. In horizontal projectile motion, how do you calculate the time of flight?

We must compute when the projectile reaches the ground in order to establish the time of flight in projectile motion. When the y-coordinate is equal to h, it is possible h: g*t2/2= h. The time of flight can be calculated using the formula √2 *(h/g).