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Gravitational potential energy calculator is an online tool to find the gravitational potential energy by entering the values of mass(m), gravity(g), height(h). Calculate the formula and get answers in seconds.


What is Gravitational Potential Energy(GPE)?

Gravitational potential energy is energy that is stored for an object given its position relative to the body. GPE is nothing but the product of object mass and acceleration caused by gravity and the height of the object.

Gravitational Potential Energy = mass * acceleration caused by gravity * height of the object

How to Calculate Gravitational Potential Energy?

Now, here we are explaining how you can calculate GPE(Gravitational Potential Energy) in a step by step process to understand it easily. Let’s see the calculation for the gravitational potential energy.

  • Now you need to enter 3 parameters.
  • Three parameters are mass, acceleration, and height.
  • Now apply the values in the formula.
  • Product those three parameters and you will get the answer.

Gravitational Potential Energy Formula

Let’s see the formula for the potential energy of gravitational force,

PEg = m*g*h


PEg is the Potential energy of gravitational force

m is the mass of the object

g is the acceleration due to gravity

h is the height of the object above the earth surface

The gravitational potential energy unit is the joule.

Gravitational Potential Energy Examples

Question : There is a Rollercoaster and the mass of a person is 50 kg inside. The roller coaster is pulled to the top of the hill which has a height of 35m. What is the gravitational potential energy of the person at the top?


Given Parameters,

m = 50kg, h= 35m, GPE=?

We know that, g = 9.8 m/s2.


PEg= m*g*h

Substitute the values,

GPE = 50*9.8*35 = 17150 Joules.

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FAQs on Gravitational Potential Energy

1. How is Gravitational Potential Energy used?

Gravitational potential energy is used to elevate objects against Earth’s gravity.

2. How will you calculate the greatest Gravitational Potential Energy?

Greatest Gravitational Potential Energy is calculated by the heaviest of 2 objects with the same height.

3. What is the Gravitational potential energy on Earth?

Earth’s gravitational potential energy is about 9.8 m/s2.

4. What is meant by Gravitational Potential Energy?

The Energy Stored in an Object as a result of its vertical position or height is called GPE.