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The Gravitational Force Calculator is a free online tool that instantly calculates the force between any two objects. Enter the information and press the calculate button to get results in a matter of seconds.

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What is Meant by Gravitational Force?

One of the forms of force in physics is gravitation. It's a force that pulls together any two mass objects. Because it always pulls the masses of two objects together, the gravitational force is also known as the attractive force. Everything in the universe is dragged by other objects, according to Newton's gravitational law. The electromagnetic force, strong force, weak force, and others are examples of additional forms of force.

Gravitational Force Formula

To compute the gravitational force between any two objects, use the gravitational force formula below F = GMm/R²

  • Where, F = Gravitational Force and its units are Newtons
  • G = Gravitational Constant (6.674×10^-11 N·m²/kg²)
  • M and m = masses of objects
  • R = distance between the center of two objects

How to Solve Gravitational Force Problems?

Learn how to calculate gravitational force by following these simple steps. As such, they are

  • Step 1: To begin, calculate the masses of both M and m objects.
  • Step 2: Then calculate the distance between two objects' centres.
  • Step 3: Substitute all the known parameters in the formula F = GMm/R^2 since we know the value of the Gravitational Constant.
  • Step 4: Calculate Gravitational Force after simplifying the equation.

For more concepts check out to get quick answers by using this free tool.

How to Use the Gravitational Force Calculator?

The following is the procedure how to use the gravitational force calculator

  • Step 1: In the input area, enter the masses of two objects, their distance, and x for the unknown value.
  • Step 2: To calculate the gravitational force, click the "Calculate x" button.
  • Step 3: Finally, in the output field, the gravitational force will be displayed.

Gravitational Force Examples

Question 1: Calculate the force of gravity operating on two bodies with masses of 2000 kg and 900 kg and a distance of 3000 metres between their centres.



Mass of first body(M) = 2000 kg

Mass of second body(m) = 900kg

Distance(R)=3000 m

The formula for calculating Gravitational Force is F = GMm/R²

By entering the inputs in the above formula, we obtain the equation as such,

F = 6.674×10^-11 x 2000 x 900/3000^2

F = 0.000000000013349 N

FAQs on Gravitational Force Calculator

1. What type of force is gravitational force?

The force of attraction between any two objects in the universe is known as gravity or gravitational force. The attraction force is proportional to the object's mass and the square of the distance between them. It is by far the weakest force that has ever been discovered in nature.

2. What are the gravitational impacts on an object?

When objects fall, the gravitational force of the Earth accelerates them. It is always pulling, and the items are always speeding up.

3. What is the significance of the gravitational law?

The universal rule of gravity is significant because it has been successful in explaining a variety of phenomena, including how different objects in the universe interact with one another. The weight of a body is determined by gravity, which holds us on the ground.

4. Is there a universal gravitational force that applies to all objects?

On Earth, all objects have the same gravitational force, whether they are an elephant or a feather. The elephant is heavier than the feather, although its mass is the same.

5. What effect does mass have on the gravitational force?

The gravitational force increases in proportion to the magnitude of the masses (also called the gravity force). With increasing distance between masses, the gravitational force lessens rapidly.