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Electrical Power Calculator is a free tool that uses current, voltage, and power factors to determine the power consumed by electrical equipment. To check the electrical power in a short period, simply enter the relevant information and click the calculate button.

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What is Electric Power?

The rate at which energy is converted into an electrical circuit is referred to as electrical power. In basic terms, it is the measurement of how much energy is utilised in a given amount of time.

SI unit = Watt per second or Joule per second.

Electric Field = Electric Force/ Charge

The current, voltage, and power factors all affect the power.

The electrical power formula in a DC circuit is; P = I x V

The electrical power formula in an AC circuit is; P = I x V x PF

I = P/(V x PF)

V = P/(I x PF)

  • Where, I = current
  • V = voltage
  • P = Power
  • PF = power factor

What is the Power Factor?

The power factor is a measurement of an electrical system's power efficiency. There is no power factor in DC circuits. Both voltage and current in AC circuits vary regularly. It indicates how current and voltage are aligned. The power factor is 1 if they are aligned. It's less than 1 if it's not aligned.

How to Calculate Electric Power?

The steps for calculating the electrical power consumed by a device are as follows. Check out these rules and then see what happens.

  • Step 1: Take the current, voltage, and power factor measurements.
  • Step 2: Calculate the product of those three variables.
  • Step 3: The power is the title of the final product.

How to Use the Electrical Power Calculator?

The following is the procedure how to use the electrical power calculator

  • Step 1: Input the voltage, current, power factor and x in the appropriate input fields.
  • Step 2: To calculate the electric power, click the "Calculate the unknown" option.
  • Step 3: Finally, in the output field, the object's electric power will be displayed.

Examples of Electric Power

Question 1: If the current and voltage of an electric circuit are given as 4.5A and 20V respectively. Find the electrical power?



I = 4.5A and V = 20V

The formula for electric power is,

P = VI

P = 20 × 4.5 = 90 watts

Question 2: Determine the power of an electrical circuit with a resistance of 4 Ω and a current of 6A running through it.



I = 6A and R = 4Ω

The formula for electric power is,

P = I^2R

P = 6^2×4

P = 36×4 = 144 watts

Question 3: A resistor with a resistance of 10 Ω is linked to a 7V battery. What is the resistance current and power?



R = 10 Ω and V = 7V

I = V/R = 7/100 = 0.7 A

P = VI = 7 × 0.7 = 4.9 J/s or 4.9 W

For more concepts check out to get quick answers by using this free tool.

FAQs on Electric Power

1. Write the electric power formula and explain the terms

P = VI is the formula for calculating electric power. Where, V = potential difference, I = electric current, P = electric power

2. Is electric power a vector or a scalar quantity?

Electric Power is a scalar quantity.

3. How can we use Ohm's law to express power?

P =I^2R or P = V^2/R are two ways to rewrite the power formula using Ohm's law.

4. What is power in simple words?

  • The ability to exert power, authority, or influence over others.
  • A foreign power is a country that wields influence over other countries.
  • The power to act or cause a reaction is within your ability to make a difference.

5. What are the four basic electrical units?

Volts, amps, ohms, and watts are the four basic units of electricity.

6. What is meant by the power factor?

The power factor of a circuit is a measurement of how efficiently incoming power is used. The high PF indicates that the power supplied to the system is effectively utilised. It indicates how well current and voltage are aligned.