Electric Field Calculator

Check the size of an electric field formed at a certain distance from a system of point charges or a single point charge using an easy-to-use Electric Field Calculator. All you have to do is choose between a single charge point or a system of point charges, then enter the charge and distance information. After that, press the calculate button to get the electric field in a shorter amount of time.

Electric Field Calculator: Our useful calculator tool not only offers you the exact answer but also step-by-step explanations on how to solve the problem. Interested students can read the parts below to learn what an electric field is, how to calculate it, and how to solve problems. Also, take a look at the manual procedures for calculating the size of the electric field.

What is Electric Field?

The region around charged particles is referred to as the electric field. The electric field is the ratio of electric force to charge in simple terms. It refers to the amount of electric force per unit of charge. The charged particle is the most important factor in obtaining the electric field. Either a proton or an electron should be present.

The proton is a positively charged particle, while the electron is a negatively charged particle, as we all know. Electric charges or fluctuating magnetic fields are commonly used to create an electric field. The following formula is used for calculating the electric field

Electric Field = Electric Force/ Charge

Electric Field Formula

An electric field is a volume of area that attracts or repels charges by exerting a force on them. Electric charges can be used to make it. The electric field is measured in newtons per coulomb or volts per metre. An electrometer can be used to measure the quantity of electric field.

The equation for the electric field is E = kQ/r^2

  • Where, E = magnitude of electric field
  • k = Coulomb's constant and its value is 1/(4πɛ0) = 8.9876 x 10^9 N-m²/C²
  • Q = charge point
  • r = distance from the point

Methods for Determining the Magnitude of an Electric Field

These are the simple steps for determining the magnitude of an electric field produced at a distance from the charge point. Follow these basic guidelines to achieve the desired result.

  • Obtain the charge point and distance from the point values.
  • The Charge Point is multiplied by Coulomb's Constant.
  • To get the magnitude of the electric field, divide the product by the square of the distance.

How to Use the Electric Field Calculator?

The Electric Field calculator can be used in the following way

  • Step 1: In the input field, enter the unknown field's force, charge, and x.
  • Step 2: Now press the "Calculate x" button to obtain the region enclosed by charged particles.
  • Step 3: Finally, in the output field, the electric field for the provided force and charge will be presented.

Examples of Electric Field

Question 1: What is the electric field produced by a 20 μC point charge at a distance of 3 metres?



Charge point Q = 20 μC = 20 x 10^-6 C

Distance from the point r = 3 m

Magnitude of an electric field E = kQ/r²

E = (8.9876 x 10^9 x 20 x 10^-6)/3^2

= 19.97 x 10^3 N/C

Hence, the electric field due to a point charge is 19.97x 10^3 N/C.

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FAQs on Electric Field

1. How can you find out the electric field strength between two plates?

Yes, Using the E=ΔVd formula you can easily compute the electric field strength. Where, d = distance between the two plates.

2. Is it possible for the electric field to be negative?

A negative electric field is impossible. An electric field is defined as the force experienced by a charge divided by the charge's magnitude. As a result, even if the charge is negative, its magnitude will be positive, and an electric field will never be negative.

3. Where is the most powerful electric field?

The density of the field lines determines the relative size of the electric field. The field is strongest when the field lines are near together, and weakest when the field lines are far apart.

4. What is the formula for calculating the electric field produced by a charge point?

Students can use our free Electric Field Calculator to calculate the magnitude of the electric field from a point by substituting the values in the formula and performing the relevant basic operations.

5. What is the unit of electric field strength?

The newton is the unit of force, and the coulomb is the unit of charge. As a result, newton/Coulomb is the unit of electric field strength.