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Use this Current Density Calculator tool for calculating current density by using the values of current and area. This tool works very fast and displays the answer for current density within seconds.

What is Current Density?

Current density is defined as the amount of current flowing through a unit per area. This is a vector quantity and it is expressed as ‘J ’. Unit of current density will be ampere per square meter.

Current Density = Current /Area

Here, as you are seeing, current and current density is not the same. Current is defined as a flow of electrons in the conductor, whereas current density is defined as a flow of electrons in the conductor per unit cross-sectional area.

Current Density Formula

Amount of current moving onto a spot in a conductor to the cross-sectional area of the conductor that is perpendicular to the flow of current at that spot. We are here to help you learn the formula of Current Density.

Current Density(J) = Current (I) / Area(A)

J = I/A

  • Where, Unit of this current density is A/m2
  • Unit of current is Ampere( A)
  • Unit of Area is m2

How to Calculate Current Density?

Along with the current density tool, we are also providing step-by-step procedures to calculate the current density.

  • First, write down the values that are given in the problem.
  • Substitute all the values into the current density formula.
  • Find the result using the mathematical calculation involved in this equation.
  • You can utilize our tool to get the answers quickly.

Solved Examples on Current Density

Question 1: Find the current density of the copper wire with an area of 25mm2 and the flow of electrons is 10mA current?


Given Values are I = 12mA = 12 x 10-3

A = 20mm2 = 20 x 10-3

Current Density = Current/ Area

J = I/A

J = (12 x 10-3) / (20 x 10-3)

J = 12/20

J = 0.6 A/m2

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FAQs on Current Density Calculator

1. How do you find current density?

Current density is defined by the formula, J = I/A. By using this we will find the current density.

2. 2. What is the current density?

The amount of current flowing through a unit cross-sectional area is called current density.

3. Is current density scalar or a vector quantity?

Current density is a vector quantity.