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Use this free Curie's Law Calculator to figure out how to calculate the magnetization of paramagnetic materials, including their temperature dependency. This calculator can also be used to calculate the curie constant, magnetic field, and temperature. Simply enter the curie constant, temperature, and magnetic field, then press the calculate button to obtain the magnetization value in a short amount of time.

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How to Calculate Paramagnetic Substances Magnetization?

Follow the steps in the sections below to learn how to determine the magnetization of antiferromagnetic materials. To acquire the outcome in a short amount of time, carefully follow these criteria.

  • Obtain information about the Curie constant, magnetic field, and temperature.
  • Divide the temperature from the Curie constant.
  • To calculate the magnetization, multiply the result by the magnetic field.

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Curie's Law Formula

According to Curie's Law, the magnetization of a paramagnetic substance is proportional to the applied magnetic field. Magnetization is inversely proportional to temperature when the material is heated.

The formula for Curie's Law Equation is as follows: M = C/T*B

T = B*C/M

B = M*T/C

  • Here, M be the magnetization
  • C be the Curie constant
  • T be the temperature
  • B be the external magnetic field

Curie's law makes use of the Curie constant.(K * A)/(T * m) is the Si unit of curie constant. The magnetic moment of a particle is a characteristic number that describes its magnetic property.

The formula for the Curies Constant Value is C = M*T/B

Curie's Law Examples

Question 1:The external magnetic field applied to a paramagnetic material at a temperature of 30°C is 3T, and the curie constant is 2.4 K * A/(T * m). What is the material's magnetization?


Consider the problem, we have

Temperature T = 30°C = 30°C + 273.15 = 303.15K

Magnetic field B = 3 T

Curie constant C = 2.4 K * A/(T * m)

Curie law formula to find magnetization is M = C/T*B

M = 2.4/303.15*3

M = 2.4/915.45

M = 0.0026A/m

As a result,the paramagnetic material's magnetization is 0.0026 A/m.

FAQs on Curie's Law Calculator

1. What do you mean when you say paramagnetic materials?

Paramagnetic materials, such as aluminium and platinum, are magnetised in a magnetic field and lose their magnetism when the field is no longer present. When the magnetic field is removed, ferromagnetic materials retain their magnetic characteristics.

2. What is Curie's Constant Value?

The permeability of a paramagnetic substance to a magnetic field is determined by the Curie constant. Due to magnetic momentum, the constant is affected by the strength of atoms. Its value is C = μ 0/(3kB)*N/a 3 2.

3. What is the significance of Curie's Law?

Curie's law holds true in situations where magnetic fields are weak and temperatures are high. Curie temperature is the temperature at which ferromagnetic material becomes paramagnetic as a result of heating. This law is applied to magnetic thermometers.

4. What is the paramagnetism version of Curie's law?

The temperature has an inverse relationship with the paramagnetic substance's magnetization. This indicates that as the temperature of the material rises or the para-magnetism rises, the magnetization decreases.