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A free centripetal acceleration calculator tool is given to find the centripetal acceleration by radius and velocity. Everything is set before itself in the calculator tool, all we need to do is select centripetal acceleration or radius or velocity and enter the remaining values in input fields and click calculate. You will see the answer right away.

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What is Centripetal Acceleration?

Centripetal Acceleration refers to the object which is in a circular motion and it is always focussing towards the center of the circle. This centripetal acceleration is also called centrifugal acceleration. The SI unit of this centripetal acceleration is the same as acceleration i.e., m/s2. And centripetal acceleration is a vector quantity. Centripetal acceleration is also defined as the rate of change of tangential velocity.

How does the Centripetal Acceleration Calculator Work?

The centripetal acceleration calculator tool is very simple and easy to use. And to use it we are giving you the step by step process below.

Step 1: First, check what you need to find in the problem whether it is radius or velocity, or centripetal acceleration.

Step 2: Then in the calculator select any one option among those three.

Step 3: Then fill the given input fields with the values which are known and leave empty which is unknown.

Step 1: Now click on calculate within no waiting of time you will see the answer.

Centripetal Acceleration Formula

The main problem for many people is that they didn’t understand the formula well. So, it looks very tough for them. But don’t worry, here we have explained the formula very well that everyone can understand.

This centripetal acceleration is mainly based on radius and velocity.

ac = v2/ R.


ac = centripetal acceleration.

v2 = velocity or speed of the object.

R = radius of the circle.

  • If velocity and radius are given, you need to find centripetal acceleration.

v = √acR

  • If centripetal acceleration and radius are given, you need to find speed or velocity.

R = v2/ ac

  • If centripetal acceleration and velocity are given, you need to find the radius.

How to Calculate Centripetal Acceleration Manually?

As we have shown the formulas above now we are going to show you some solved examples by using those formulas.

Solved Examples

Question 1: Find the Centripetal Acceleration of the object moving in a circle of radius 15m with velocity 20m/s?


Given that

Radius(R) = 15m, Velocity (v) = 20m/s, Centripetal Acceleration (ac) = ?


ac = v2/ R.

ac = 202 / 15 = 26.6 m/s2.

Question 2: An object is moving on a circular path with a speed of 10m/s. Its centripetal acceleration is 4m/s2. Calculate the radius of the circle?


Given that

Radius(R) = ?, Velocity (v) = 10 m/s, Centripetal Acceleration (ac) = 4 m/s2.


R = v2/ac.

R = 102/ 4 = 25 m.

Question 3: A body moving on a circular path with a radius of 30m and its centripetal acceleration is 5m/s2. calculate the velocity of the body?


Given that

Radius(R) = 30m, Velocity (v) = ?, Centripetal Acceleration (ac) = 5 m/s2.


v = √ac R

v = √ 5 * 30 = 12.2 m/s. is the best tool to use for your assignments and homework. And this tool is for free.

FAQs on Centripetal Acceleration

1. How can we calculate centripetal acceleration?

Centripetal acceleration is calculated by the formula, ac = v2/ R.

2. What is centripetal acceleration equal to?

Centripetal acceleration( ac ) is equal to the square of the body speed (v) along with the curve divided by the distance (r) from the center of the circle to the moving body.

3. What are the units of centripetal acceleration, radius, and velocity?

Units of centripetal acceleration are m/s2, for radius unit is m, and for velocity unit is m/s.