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Try out our Carnot Efficiency Calculator to see how efficient your carnot is in cold and hot reservoir conditions. To determine the thermal efficiency of a heat engine working on the Carnot cycle, simply enter the required inputs and press the calculate button.

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What is a Carnot Heat Engine, and how does it work?

The Carnot Heat Engine is based on the Carnot cycle and follows thermodynamic laws. The Carnot Cycle engine goes through four phases in a row before returning to the initial stage. The engine consists of two stationary bodies and a working material, with the temperatures of the two stationary bodies remaining constant. The first is a furnace with a temperature of Th, while the second is a refrigerator with a temperature of Tc. Isothermal Expansion, Adiabatic Expansion, Isothermal Compression, Adiabitic Compression, and so on are the four phases of the carnot cycle.

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Carnot Efficiency Equation

The following formula can be used to calculate the thermal efficiency of a carnot cycle. The list is as follows:

η = (Th - Tc) / Th * 100%

Where, The absolute temperatures, Th and Tc, are represented in Kelvin.

How do you calculate the Carnot Efficiency?

To determine the carnot efficiency, follow the easy steps outlined below. 

  • Determine the hot and cold reservoir temperatures first.
  • Determine the temperature difference between hot and cold reservoirs.
  • Divide the difference by the hot temperature, then multiply the result by 100 percent to get the final result.
  • Simplify the equation even more, you'll get the carnot efficiency in no time.

Carnot Efficiency Equation Example

Question 1:How efficient is a Carnot engine with a 200°C hot reservoir and a 30°C cold reservoir?


Consider the problem

We have the inputs are,

Hot Reservoir Temperature, Th = 200°C

Cold Reservoir Temperature Tc = 30°C

we know the formula of Carnot Efficiency η = (Th - Tc) / Th * 100%

Substitute the input parameters in the above equation,we get

η = (200°C-30°C)/200°C*100%


Therefore, The Efficiency of Carnot engine(η) is 35.93%.

FAQs on Carnot Efficiency Calculator

1. What does Carnot Efficiency imply?

When a heat engine operates between two temperatures, its Carnot Efficiency is the greatest amount of energy it can produce.

2. What is the Carnot Efficiency Equation, and how does it work?

The equation of Carnot Productivity, η=(Th-Tc)/Th*100 percent.

3. What is Carnot Efficiency and How is it Calculated?

Find the highest and lowest temperatures first, then calculate the difference between them. To acquire the necessary carnot efficiency, divide the difference by the hot temperature and multiply by 100.