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The Capacitive Reactance Calculator is a free online tool that shows the capacitor's impedance in an electrical circuit. The capacitive reactance calculator tool speeds up the calculation and displays the capacitive reactance in seconds.

Capacitance (C)
Frequency (f)
Angular frequency (ω)
Reactance (X)

Capacitive Reactance Definition and Formula

The capacitive reactance is defined as a complex impedance of the capacitor whose value varies with the applied frequency. The effect of reactance in a circuit is caused by a constant change in voltage, which causes the inductor or capacitor to react.

The formula for capacitive reactance is as follows:

Capacitive Reactance = 1/(2πfC)

  • Where, C be the capacitance.
  • f is the frequency.

The capacitive reactance formula can also be written as: X = 1 / (ω * C),

  • where, ω= 2 *π* fis theangular frequency of the current.

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What is the Capacitive Reactance Calculator and How do I use it?

The following is how to use the capacitive reactance calculator:

  • In the input area, enter the capacitance, frequency.
  • To calculate the capacitive reactance, click the calculate button.
  • In the output field, the capacitive reactance of the electrical circuit will be displayed.

Capacitive Reactance Calculation Example

Question 1: Calculate the capacitive reactance of a 200nF capacitor at the frequesncy of 4kHz.


Consider the problem, we have

Capacitance C is200nF

Frequency, f is 4kHz

The value ofπ is 3.14

Capacitive reactance formula is 1/(2πfC)

Capacitive reactance =1/(2(3.14)(4kHz)(200nF))

Capacitive reactance = 198.94367886486916Ω

Therefore the capacitive reactance is198.94Ω(ohms)

FAQs on Capacitive Reactance Calculator

1. What does capacitive reactance imply?

The resistance to a voltage change across an element is known as capacitive reactance. The signal frequency (or angular frequency) and capacitance are inversely related in capacitive reactance.

2. What is the formula used to calculate the capacitive reactance?

The formula for capacitive reactance is as follows: Capacitive Reactance = 1/(2πfC)

  • C be the capacitance.
  • f is the frequency.

3. How to use the capacitance reactance?

If you know the capacitance value (C) and the frequency of the signal travelling through it (f), you can use our capacitive reactance calculator to figure out the impedance of a capacitor. The capacitance can be expressed in farads, microfarads, nanofarads, or picofarads. The unit options for frequency are Hz, kHz, MHz, and GHz.

4. What is the formula for calculating capacitance?

The formula is used to calculate capacitance by dividing electric charge by voltage: C=Q/