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The Biot Number Calculator is an online application that calculates the biot number based on parameters such as characteristic length, heat transfer coefficient, thermal conductivity, and so on. Get the biot number in a fraction of a second by speeding up your calculations.

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What is Biot Number and what does it mean?

The Biot Number measures how quickly heat moves from the surface to the interior. It explains how the temperature inside a body changes when a portion of a surface is heated. When the temperature difference between the surface and the interior is small, the temperature on the surface and the temperature on the interior are practically same. There will be a high temperature gradient inside the body if the Biot Number is large,i.e.>1.

Heat Transfer | Biot Number Significance

When you heat a surface, two things happen in general: the surface warms up, and heat passes from the surface to the remainder of the material. The heat coefficient, on the other hand, determines the process efficiency.

The Biot Number is a metric that is used to measure the efficiency of two processes. The surface moves quicker than the rest of the body if heat transmission is more efficient than thermal conductivity (Biot Number is Larger than 1). However, if the material conducts properly, the temperature remains consistent even when the surface is warmed up in one spot (Biot Number is Smaller than 1).

Biot Number Formula

The Biot Number Formula is defined as Bi = Lc * h / k.

  • Where, Lc[m] is the material's characteristic length
  • h[W/(m 2 *K)] is the heat transfer coefficient on the surface
  • k[W/(m * K)] is the material's thermal conductivity.
  • Bi be the Biot Number.

The Characteristic Length can be found. We know Lc as the Volume V and Area of a Surface A via which the substance is heated or cooled.Lc=V/A

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FAQs on Biot Number Calculator

1. How does the Biot Number compare to other numbers?

The Biot Number compares heat transport within the body to heat transfer from the body's surface.

2. Does the Biot Number have any dimensions?

Yes, the Biot Number is a dimensionalless quantity utilised in heat transfer calculations.

3. What is the Biot Number and how is it calculated?

The Biot Number can be calculated using the formula Bi=Lc* h/k.

4. What is the purpose of the Biot Number?

The Biot Number is used to give a clear idea of how important conduction and convection are in determining the temperature of a body heated or cooled by convection at its surface.