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The atomic mass calculator provided here will help you to know how to find the atomic mass calculator of an atom using the formulas. Learn the steps to calculate the atomic mass from here. It is a free online calculator tool to find the atomic mass, put the inputs in the given space and click on calculate.

Atomic Mass - Definition

The atomic mass is defined as the mass or weight of an atom of a chemical element. Atomic mass of the atom can be calculated simply by adding the number of protons and number of neutrons. It is used to calculate the average mass of molecules and elements.

Atomic Mass Formula

Atomic Mass (A) = Number of protons + Number of Neutrons

A = Z + N

Mass Number = Z + N

  • where, A = Atomic Mass
  • Z = Number of protons
  • N = Number of Neutrons

How to Calculate Atomic Mass?

Follow the below steps to calculate the atomic mass.

First identify the number of protons and number neutrons of an atom.

Now add the number of protons to the number of neutrons.

The sum of both the values is the required atomic mass.

Atomic Mass Examples

Question 1: Find the atomic mass of the element if the number of protons is 11.76 and the number of neutrons is 0.26?


Given Parameters,

Number of protons = 11.76

Number of neutrons = 0.26

We know that, A = Z + N

A = 11.76 + 0.26

A = 12.06

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FAQs on Atomic Mass Calculator

1. How to find atomic mass with a calculator?

To find the atomic mass with a calculator you have to add the number of protons and number of neutrons in the provided field.

2. What are the ways to find atomic mass?

There are three ways to calculate the atomic mass they are as follows

  • Look up Atomic Mass on the periodic table
  • Sum of protons and neutrons for a single atom
  • Weighted average for all atoms of an element


3. How to Use the Atomic Mass Calculator?

Steps to use the atomic mass calculator are given below.

  • First find the chemical formula
  • Add the inputs in the given fields.
  • Click on the calculate atomic mass button to get the answer.
  • The result will be displayed on your screen.