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The Angular Speed Calculator is a free online application that uses a frequency value to quickly and simply calculate an object's angular speed. Simply enter the frequency value into the calculator's specified input fields and click the calculate button to get the angular speed in the blink of an eye.


What is Angular Speed?

The angular speed of an object is the rate at which its angular location changes over a certain length of time. At any point on the rotating object, the angular speed of the object should be the same. It's a number with a scalar value. It is symbolised by the sign ω. The angular frequency is another name for angular speed.

The terms angular frequency and angular velocity are not interchangeable. Velocity and speed are the two things that these two have in common. Angular frequency/angular speed is defined as a scalar, whereas angular velocity is defined as a vector. It can be stated mathematically as ω = 2πf

  • Where, ω = angular speed and f = frequency

How to Calculate Angular Speed?

Follow the instructions below to calculate the angular speed. You will be able to arrive at a simple answer by following the above-mentioned instructions.

  • Consider an object's frequency value.
  • Multiply the 2π and the frequency value together.
  • The angular speed of a certain body is the outcome of a multiplication operation.

How to Use the Angular Speed Calculator?

The following is the procedure how to use the angular speed calculator

  • In the input area, enter the frequency value and x for the unknown value.
  • To calculate the angular speed, click the "Calculate x" button.
  • Finally, the output field will show the angular speed for the provided frequency (Angular Speed = 370.7079 rad/s).

Examples on Finding Angular Speed

Question 1: Compute the angular speed of the item whose frequency is 83 Hz?


Given: frequency = 83 Hz

The formula for calculating angular speed is as follows ω = 2πf,

ω = 2(3.14159)(83)

ω = 521.50

Hence, the angular speed is 521.50 rad/s.

Question 2: Calculate the angular speed of an object, if t = 90 seconds


Given: t= 90s

We are aware of, f = 1/t

ω = 2π/t,

ω = 2π/90

ω = 0.069 rad/sec

Hence, the angular speed of an object is 0.069 rad/s.

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FAQs on Angular Speed CalculatorFAQs on Angular Speed Calculator

1. Is angular velocity and angular speed the same thing?

The same formula is used to compute angular speed and angular velocity. In contrast to angular speed, angular velocity is a vector quantity that describes both magnitude and direction.

2. What method do you use to calculate angular speed from revolutions?

Because one revolution is 360 degrees and there are 60 seconds every minute, rpm can be translated to angular velocity in degrees per second by multiplying the rpm by 6. Because 6 multiplied by 1 equals 6, the angular velocity in degrees per second is 6 degrees per second if the rpm is 1 rpm.

3. How do we find speed?

Speed is calculated using the formula; speed = distance X time. You'll need to know the units for distance and time to find out what the units for speed are.

4. Is RPM angular speed?

The number of turns in one minute is measured in revolutions per minute (abbreviated rpm, RPM, rev/min, r/min, or with the notation min1).

5. What is RPM speed?

The rotational speed of the crankshaft is measured in RPM (revolutions per minute). Without regard for direction, speed is defined as the magnitude of a distance travelled divided by the whole time it took to travel that distance. The RPM (rotations per minute) is similar, but there is an additional variable, radius.