Absolute Pressure Calculator

By Using this absolute pressure calculator it will be more easy and convenient to calculate the absolute pressure. All you have to do is give the parameters of gauge pressure and atmospheric pressure and then calculate, to get the accurate result.

Gauge Pressure (Pg)
Atmospheric Pressure(Pa)

Absolute Pressure Calculator: Working hard to get the answer for absolute pressure? Use this amazing Absolute Pressure Calculator tool to get answers quickly. For the convenience of readers, we have shared step by step process on how to Calculate the Absolute Pressure Calculator, definition, formulas, and more.

What is Absolute Pressure?

Absolute pressure is the pressure detected above the absolute zero pressure. It is described as the sum of atmospheric pressure and measuring pressure. Absolute pressure is measured using a barometer. Gauge pressure is very relative to atmospheric pressure, if the pressure of Gauge is higher than absolute pressure then the pressure is positive. Otherwise, it is negative.

Absolute Pressure = Gauge Pressure + Atmospheric Pressure

How to find the Absolute Pressure?

Below given are the simple and easy step-by-step process to calculate the absolute pressure. You can get the answer without any issues by following these guidelines.

  • Observe gauge pressure and atmospheric pressure values from the given problem.
  • Enter the value of gauge pressure in the given gauge pressure field.
  • And the same for atmospheric pressure too.
  • Then the sum of the gauge and atmospheric Pressure is absolute pressure.

Absolute Pressure Formula

Now, let us look into the formula for absolute pressure.

Absolute Pressure(Pa) = Gauge Pressure ( Pg ) + Atmospheric Pressure ( Patm )

Pa = Pg + P atm

Once, we look into the picture for a clear understanding

Diagram of Absolute Pressure, Gauge Pressure, and Atmospheric Pressure

Absolute Pressure Examples

Question 1: A pressure gauge measures the reading of 32psi and if the atmospheric pressure is 14psi. Calculate the absolute pressure that correlates to this gauge pressure?


Given Parameters,

Pa =?, Pg = 32psi, Patm =14psi


Pa = Pg + P atm

Substitute the values,

Pa = 32psi +14 psi = 46psi

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Absolute Pressure Calculator

FAQs on Absolute Pressure

1. What is absolute pressure in simple words?

In simple words, absolute pressure is nothing but a sum of atmospheric pressure and gauge pressure.

2. What is the best tool to calculate absolute pressure?

The absolute pressure calculator tool is the best tool to get accurate answers for absolute pressure

3. How absolute pressure is measured?

Absolute pressure is measured on the barometer.

4. What is the formula for absolute pressure?

Pa = Pg + P atm Where, Pa = absolute pressure Pg = gauge pressure Patm = atmospheric pressure