Weight on Other Planets Calculator

You can easily find out how much you would weigh on other planets in the solar system by using this free Weight on Other Planets Calculator. Simply enter your weight on Earth in the input area and press the calculate button to compute the weight on all other planets in a matter of seconds.

Weight on Other Planets Calculator: Everyone wants to know how much they weigh on other planets in the solar system. They can use this useful tool to enter the weight into the required field. In the sections below, you'll find information on how to calculate the weight of other planets, as well as a formula and examples of questions with answers.

Relationship Between Gravity, Mass and Distance

We've already established that a person's weight on other planets is determined by the planet's surface gravity. The gravitational pull of each planet is described by Newton's gravitational law. Its formula is F = GMm/r²

  • Where, F = gravitational force
  • G = gravitational constant
  • M = planet mass
  • m = person mass
  • r = planet radius

The formula for determining a person's weight on other planets is as follows: Mass x Surface gravity. Here are the surface gravity values for all of the planets in our solar system.

Planet Surface Gravity
Mercury 0.38
Venus 0.91
Earth 1.0
Mars 0.38
Jupiter 2.34
Saturn 0.93
Uranus 0.92
Neptune 1.12
Moon 0.167

How do you get Weight on Other Planets?

Examine the simple step-by-step technique for calculating your weight or the weight of an object on other planets. Make use of these guiding principles to quickly check the output for your numbers.

  • Step 1: Consider the person's weight on the planet.
  • Step 2: Get the gravity of other planets' surfaces.
  • Step 3: To calculate the weight on other planets, multiply the surface gravity by the real weight on Earth.

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Weight on Other Planets Examples

Question 1: Find a person's weight on other planets if he weighs 55 kg on Earth?



Weight of the person on earth = 55 kgs

Weight on other planets is Weight = Mass x Surface gravity

Weight on Venus = 55 x 0.91 = 50.05 kgs

Weight on Mercury = 55 x 0.38 = 20.9 kgs

Weight on Mars = 55 x 0.38 = 20.9 kgs

Weight on Jupitar = 55 x 2.34 = 128.7 kgs

Weight on Moon = 55 x 0.167 = 9.185 kgs

Weight on Saturn = 55 x 0.93 = 51.15 kgs

Weight on Neptune = 55 x 1.12 = 61.6 kgs

FAQs on Weight on Other Planets

1. Do you have a heavier weight on other planets?

Planets and moons are enormous objects with a powerful gravitational attraction. This is why larger, more massive planets such as Jupiter weigh more than smaller, less massive planets such as Mars. An object's mass is determined by its composition as well as its size.

2. Why is a body's weight different on different planets?

The weight of an object is determined by its mass and the force of gravity acting on it. The strength of gravity is proportional to the distance between two objects. That's why, on other planets, the same object weighs different quantities. Gravity causes your weight to differ on other worlds.

3. Why does your weight fluctuate but not your mass?

The weight of anything is a measure of how hard gravity pulls on it. As a result, if you travelled to the moon, your weight would vary because gravity is lower there than on Earth, but your mass would remain unchanged since you are still made up of the same quantity of matter.

4. How much would a 60 kg person weigh on the Moon?

The average weight of a person on the planet is 60 kilograms. The moon's surface gravity is 0.167. As a result, the weight of a person on the moon is 60 x 0.167 = 10.02 kilograms.