Weight Conversion Calculator

Free Online and handy weight conversion tool that helps you to convert different units of weight (or) mass. To get the output right away, you need to give the designated input right in the input fields and press the calculate button that is available next to the input fields.

Weight Conversion Calculator: No knowledge of weight conversion? Don't panic our weight conversion calculator tool will make you learn everything about different units of weight conversions clearly. And you can utilize this tool for quick completion of your assignments. Furthermore, we have given a detailed explanation that better explains the concept.

What is Weight Conversion?

Weight Conversion can be described as the conversion of weight from one to another unit. It is used to measure the objects in two different systems. While converting weight from one to another, it will give the value of the same quantity. Conversions will be performed by the conversion factor. There is a multiplication problem to convert units.

S * C = E

Where s is the starting value.

c is our conversion factor.

E is the end converted result.

For example, 1 gram = 0.001kg. weight will be converted from one unit to another unit.

Weight Conversion Table

Convert unit to Unit Symbol Convert to grams Multiply by( gram / Unit )
carat (metric) ct gram 0.2
point (metric) pt gram 0.002
dram (avdp) dr gram 1.771845195
dram (troy) dr gram 3.8879346
kilogram kg gram 1000
gram g gram 1
hundredweight (short) hwt gram 45359.237
hundredweight (long) hwt gram 50802.34544
grain (troy) gr gram 0.06479891
grain (metric) gr gram 0.05
microgram μg gram 0.001
milligram mg gram 0.001
megagram Mg gram 1000000
pennyweight dwt gram 1.55517384
slug slug gram 14593.903
ounce (troy) oz gram 31.1034768
ounce (avdp) oz gram 28.34952313
pound (troy) lb gram 373.2417216
pound (metric) lb gram 500
pound (avdp) lb gram 453.59237
tonne (U.S. metric ton) t gram 1000000
ton-metric t gram 1000000
ton (short) sh tn gram 907184.74
ton (long) l tn gram 1016046.909
ton-assay (short) sh AT gram 29.166667
ton-assay (long) l AT gram 32.666667
stone st gram 6350.29318

How to use Weight Conversion Calculator?

Make use of this perfect calculator tool that gives you weight conversion which will be very useful for students and for anyone who wants to complete their work early.

  • In this weight conversion tool, we provide the inputs in the input fields.
  • Next, you need to press the "Calculate" button.
  • Finally, you will get the answer within seconds.

FAQs On Weight Conversion Calculator

1. What is weight conversion in simple words?

Converting one unit to another unit is nothing but weight conversion.

2. What is the best tool to calculate weight conversion?

Weight conversion calculator is the best tool that is available at physicscalculatorpro.com

3. What are the steps to calculate weight conversion?

  • Initially, you need to give the from unit and to unit in the fields of inputs.
  • Then, as a next step you need to click on the calculate button
  • Finally, you will get the output as required.

4. What is the formula of weight conversion?

The formula of weight conversion is S * C = E. Where, S is starting value, C is the conversion value, E is converted result.