Wavelength to Frequency Calculator

The Wavelength to frequency calculator is the best tool to calculate the wavelength or frequency for the given parameters. All you have to do is give the parameters and click on the calculate button to get the answers in a fraction of seconds.

Wavelength to Frequency Calculator: To determine wavelength or frequency calculation you can check our wavelength to frequency calculator to get the answer in a fraction of seconds. And also the good thing is, we have given detailed steps to calculate and also definition, formula. Just allow the inputs in the input fields and click on the calculate button and get the answer instantaneously.

What is Wavelength to Frequency?

Wavelength is the gap between the two troughs and crests of the wave. wavelength is indicated by the symbol 'λ'. The frequency will be defined as the no. of times a recurring occurs in a second. Units of frequency are Hz or Hertz. wavelength to frequency formula is given below.

Wavelength = (Speed) / (frequency)

We will see the symbolic representation of this formula is,

λ=c / f

If the frequency is low, then the wavelength will be high.

How to Find the Wavelength to Frequency?

By following the guidelines you need to find the wavelength to frequency.

  • Firstly, write all the values which are given in the problem.
  • Then, write the formula, λ=c / f.
  • And get the desired answer.

Example Question for Wavelength to Frequency

Example Question: For the light ray, the wavelength is equal to 250nm. Find the frequency of the ray.


Given data wavelength(λ) = 250nm = 250 x 10-9

As we, already now that, C = 3 x 108ms-1

Now, we will see the formula.

λ = c / f

Rewrite the formula, as we know the values of wavelength and speed, we need to find the frequency.

F = c / λ

= 3×108 / 250×10-9

F = 1.19916983 MHz.

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Wavelength to frequency Calculator

FAQs on Wavelength to Frequency Calculator

1. What are wavelength and frequency?

Wavelength is the distance between one point to another point of the next wave. And the frequency is the number of waves passing through a point.

2. How do you convert wavelength to frequency?

Convert wavelength to frequency by using the formula, λ = c / f

3. What are the units of wavelength and frequency?

Units of wavelength and frequency are nanometers and Hertz.

4. What is the relationship between frequency and wavelength?

The relationship between frequency and wavelength is, they are inversely proportional to each other.