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Using the sunrise-sunset calculator tool is the easiest and most convenient way to calculate the times of sunrise and sunset for a particular day in all populated latitudes easily in a fraction of seconds. All you need to do is simply give the inputs in the input fields and click on the calculate button.

Sunrise Sunset Calculator: Are you facing difficulty in calculating the times of sunrise and sunset? Then you are at the right place. By using the sunrise-sunset calculator you can easily calculate the time's for a particular day and get the answers easily in a fraction of seconds. And also read on to know all the complete details like definition, formula, step by step process and also solved examples.

What is Sunrise and Sunset?

Sunrise time is defined as the time when the sun first appears and when daylight has appeared. sunset time will be defined as the time when the sun disappears below the horizon.

The formula for calculating the sunrise-sunset.

The hour angle of sunset and sunrise is,

ω = ∓cos-1(−tanφtanδ).


ω = angle of sunrise-sunset.

δ = declination angle.

The angle of declination can be calculated by the formula,

δ=23.45sin((284+n)∗360 / 365​).

The angle of declination changes every day.

Sunrise Time = 12 - [ω/15].

Sunset Time = 12+ [ω/15].

How to Calculate Sunrise and Sunset Time?

Here are some simple steps to calculate the sunrise and sunset time easily by hand. Check out the steps below carefully.

  • Note down the values that are given in the problem.
  • Then, apply the formula.
  • Substitute the values and simplify them.
  • Finally, get the answer easily.

Sunrise and Sunset Time Example

Question: When are the sunrise and sunset on 15th May, Fine the time of how many hours of daylight is there on that date at the location is 45 °N.


Given, Today date, 15th May.

Latitude 45 °N.

Now, find the declination angle,

δ=23.45∗sin((284+75)∗360 / 365)

= −2.82°.



Sunrise Time = 12 - [ω/15] = 12 - [87.6/15] = 6:09 am.

Sunset Time = 12+ [ω/15] = 12 + [87.6/15] = 5:50 pm.

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FAQs on Sunset Sunrise Calculator

1. How do you calculate sunset sunrise?

To calculate the sunset sunrise by using the formula,

Sunrise Time = 12 - [ω/15].

Sunset Time = 12+ [ω/15].


ω = ∓cos-1(−tanφtanδ).

δ=23.45sin((284+n)∗360 / 365​).

2. How to use this sunrise sunset calculator?

To use this calculator, give the inputs in the input fields and then click on the calculate button.

3. What time is golden hour?

The golden hour is the last hour before sunset and the first hour before sunrise.

4. What time is twilight?

Twilight is nothing but the period of time before sunrise and after sunset.