Speed Distance Time Calculator

Speed Distance Time Calculator is a free online calculator that displays an unknown value like speed, distance, or time. The speed distance time calculator tool speeds up the calculation by displaying the unknown figure in a micro second.

Speed Distance Time Calculator:The speed, distance, and time calculator allows us to easily compute speed, distance, and time. If two known values are given as inputs, the Speed Distance Calculator will tell you the unknown value. Simply fill in the blanks in the input box and press the calculate button to obtain instant results. Read on to learn about what is meant by speed, distance, time their formulas, procedure on how to find speed distance and time.

Speed Distance Time Definition and Formula

The most important concerns are speed, distance, and time. The majority of the problems require the computation of speed, duration, or distance given two known quantities.

The speed is used to determine how quickly an object moves from one point to another. The term distance is used to describe the amount of space that exists between two items. Finally, the order of events is determined by the passage of time.

The formula for calculating speed distance time is as follows:

Distance/Time = Speed

To find the time, use the formula t = s/d, which equals time divided by distance divided by speed.

time = speed/distance

To calculate one of these (speed, distance or time) we have to know the other two. Everything has to do with distance and time when it comes to speed. The general principle of speed is that the units of speed are travelled distance units divided by units of time. In a nutshell, speed is the distance covered in a given amount of time.

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How to Use the Calculator for Speed, Distance and Time?

The following describes to use the speed distance time calculator:

  • In the input area, enter the unknown values distance, time and x.
  • To get the unknown number, click the calculate button.
  • Finally, the output field will display the unknown value, such as speed, time, or distance.

Speed Distance Time Examples

Question 1: What does your average speed if the distance cover 4000 metres in 10 minutes?


Consider the problem

Distance, d = 4000m

Time, t = 10min

We know the formula to find out the average speed is speed = distance/time

Speed = 4000 / (10 × 60)

Speed = 4000 / 600

Speed = 6.6667 m/s

Therefore, The average speed is 6.6667 m/s

FAQs on Speed Distance Time Calculator

1. How do you calculate your average speed with a speed calculator?

Distance travelled divided by time taken is the most frequent formula for calculating average speed. If you have both the initial and final speeds, multiply them by two and divide by two.

2. What are the formulas for the time, speed, and distance?

The equations for calculating time, speed, and distance are as follows:

Speed = Distance/Time

Time = Distance/Speed

Distance = Speed * Time

3. How do you use distance and time to compute speed?

Speed is calculated using the formula speed = distance/ time. You'll need to know the units for distance and time to figure out what the units for speed are.

4. What is the relationship between distance, speed and time?

The link between speed, distance travelled and time taken is seen in this equation: Distance divided by time equals speed.

5. Mention any three types of speed?

Some of the three types of speed is Velocity,Acceleration,Average speed.